Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ceiling Pictures

Roger, Mitchell and Faith have been working long hours on the house. The most recent project was the ceiling on one side of the house. The other side is being saved for after we move in as we plan to use the metal roof on the house we're living in as the ceiling on the new house. Feeling lost with that explanation? Most people are. We're planning to have a metal ceiling in our kitchen, dining and living rooms. It's unusual, but why not? Noise might be an issue, but in our house the noise level is already deafening so who will know the difference? Plus the walls will be covered with shelves that will be filled with books and they will absorb some sound.

Anyway, I finally got to get out there and see the house this afternoon and I am excited. It's a mess, but that is to be expected when you are drywalling ceilings, right? So here are the pics:

This is the boys' areas in the kids' suite--and Sam trying to figure out where Spiderman will go.

This is the "common area" in the kids' suite as we are beginning to call it. Claire and Clark are standing where the sink and counter and mirrors will go. Behind them along the wall we will install lockers.

This is one of the girls' areas in the kids' suite of rooms. Beyond that is the master bedroom (where the wet/dry vac is sitting).

From the living room looking toward the front entry and guest room/nursery.

Master Bedroom

Pantry--with lights!

Laundry room--with lights!

This one I was standing at the end of the bar looking into the kitchen. Those are cabinets you see all over the place. Obviously not installed yet.

Here I took a step further into the kitchen so I could look toward the bar.

Now this one is taken standing near the bar and looking at the living and dining room. Toward the right of the picture you see the front door. To the left you see the side door. The dining area is closer. We've got different ceiling fans over the two areas.

This is Grace in the guest room/nursery looking at the drywall lift. For some reason the pic isn't showing up in the preview, but the html code is here so I'm including the caption in case it shows up in the post. Sorry if it doesn't. You're missing out on seeing a beautiful girl. ;-)

This is from the front door looking toward the living, dining and kitchen.

This is just a big huge bucket of screws that I found interesting. I've never seen such a huge bucket of screws. It just amazed me that we'll need so many and that so many are already gone.


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Ann said...

thanks for the house update. this must be soooo exciting for you guys! Keep the pictures and progress coming.