Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The mice are back! I sent the girls to go clean out their closet because it smelled like a mouse was nesting in there. I was close. There was a nest, but it wasn't just one mouse. There were LOTS of little babies in there.

I noticed they were smaller than the big wolf spiders I've been vacuuming up so I used the vacuum and got the nest and all the babies. Most of them died in the process and we threw them all in the outside trash can. I really love my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I'm so glad I got that back when we could afford good stuff.

The question still remained though. Where's the mom? And dad? I set the girls back to work cleaning figuring all the noise scared the parents away anyway. It didn't take long before I heard a scream. They found a larger mouse. We went and got Stephen's airsoft guns since they'd worked last time we had mice. We found the mouse again, but it ran. I can't hit a tiny moving target, and apparently neither can Grace or Clark. (These guns were an obsession for Stephen so we were all well armed.) The mouse got away. We figured it went under one of the beds. Brave Grace actually crawled under the bed and moved stuff around to try to find it! I was in awe of that girl! Here I was uncomfortable with even standing bare footed on a floor that the mice are on and she is under a bed searching for it!

We never found it so the guns are in a convenient (to me, not the kids) location. I don't think the vacuum will work for the bigger mice.

And now the girls understand WHY they should keep their room clean. Okay, I should qualify that. The older girls already knew. Now the younger girls understand, too.


Note from Grace:
I was very surprised to see what looked liked a ant hill made out of plastic bags under faiths violin case. We were getting ready to play castle Claire had to clean the closet first but here we are Joy has red face paint on, Clark has "side burns" and a "curled mustache." Then Claire half yells: "someone go get mom and get Stephens
bb guns too" so I go get mom and the vacuum we vacuum them up. and the rest mom already told.



Julie McCarty said...

I can't imagine being close enough to vacuum them up. Give yourself more credit for being brave! Fred found a momma mouse with three nursing babies in our barn out on the ranch the other day. He said he just stomped on them. The story made me feel bad somehow, but then I remind myself they are disease-ridden little nuisances. I'm just glad I wasn't there to watch. So again, hats off to you for your bravery!

Melissa Nelson said...

Claire commented on feeling like a murderer because we were killing them. Grace pointed out that she had heard that mice breed about 1000 offspring per year. So if we had 10 babies (and that was the minimum), then we just killed about 10,000 mice for the year! Claire agreed she didn't want 10,000 mice in her room.

Joy said she had dreams of mice and rats in her bed. Yuck!

Grace said...

When we cleaned our room Joy didn't want to go near the bed, she said what about the mouse.

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing Grace's note....it was nice to hear part of the story from her point of view. Ooooooohh, yuck! I can't imagine walking in a room and finding mice!!