Thursday, October 11, 2007

Evil has a name....

One of the things that is fun about kids is all of the crap they do and get into. Joy is an instigator of the highest order. I knew she was hard to catch at starting trouble, but I have only recently realized how very good she is at being bad.

American sign language is one the things that Melissa has tried to get the kids to learn. We have a bunch of “Signing Time” DVDs and the younger kids love to watch these as they are full of bright colors and songs and audience participation. Joy has been an avid watcher of these since she was very young.

One of the other things that Joy loves is getting under Clark’s skin to the point that he hits her, which allows her to go tell a parent that Clark hit her and he gets in trouble. Her sure-fire way of getting him to react is to call him stupid or a girl. Clark will call her something in return and she’ll laugh it off and then call him stupid or a girl, again. Eventually, Clark gets frustrated and hits her.

Well, we’re on to her trick and she no longer succeeds in getting Clark in trouble like she used to. Last Tuesday Mitchell and I drove to Home Depot to get some drywall and on the way back Mitchell revealed to me Joy’s latest ploy to get Clark in trouble. She’ll look over at him and wait until he looks at her. As soon as they make eye contact she’ll sign “girl” at him. She’ll do this repeatedly until he hits her. To everyone else sitting in the room it seems like Clark got up and hit her for no reason. So, all his siblings are yelling at him for being a jerk and Joy is crying and Mom and Dad are all involved and poor little Joy is still crying. This is just flat out genius for a four-year-old to figure out.

I’m not sure if I am proud or worried.



Ann said...

We all knew teaching our kids to do "stuff" would eventually catch up with us....didn't we???

Anonymous said...

what a smart daughter!