Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Crazy Rants About a Government I Love

I don't follow the news very often. Every so often I will try because I know I should be more informed about what is going on. Especially now that I have a son training to defend our country I want to know what the country is up to.

Okay, so today I read a story about how Social Security is running out of money and the Baby Boomers are beginning to apply for their benefits. I know this already because my dear mother is one of them and will soon be eligible for benefits. But then the article went on to discuss how the money is running out. Well, DUH!! We knew that back when I was a teen. If I have been aware of this for over 20 years, and I don't keep up with what's going on and never have, then surely the powers that be should have been aware and working on a solution all this time, right? But no. The Democrats can't let the Republicans fix it because heaven forbid the Republicans get any credit for it. And the Republicans can't let the Democrats fix it because Heaven forbid the Democrats get any credit for it. So the problem continues. I just read that back in 1945 there were 47 workers for every retiree drawing benefits. Today there are only 3 workers per retiree and they estimate that will soon drop to only 2 workers per retiree. So what do we do about it? Raise the taxes of those of us still paying into it? You've got to be kidding? How can we support ourselves, support the System, AND save for our own retirement? We've always known we wouldn't be able to count on benefits, but still have to pay. Is that fair?

Anyway, I have all these crazy thoughts that really probably only make sense to me. But if I don't share them I will blow up from all the frustration I feel. I know this isn't a political blog and I really don't intend to make it one. But just bear with me, or stop reading right now.

*If SS is going to run out of money, why not let it run out sooner rather than later. Let those of us who will NEVER see a dime of it stop paying. Then we can at least be responsible with our own money. Someone is going to be starved sometime anyway, right?

*Okay, that seems too harsh? Let’s phase it out. Let the poor stop paying the rich. If the lower income people stopped paying, maybe they could start saving to support themselves someday. Meanwhile, those who don’t NEED the SS to survive could be cut off. I KNOW that’s not fair to them, but we’re not talking about fair when you have generations of people paying into a system knowing they will never see a dime from what is promised to them. So extend the dying benefits to the needy, but don’t keep forcing the poor to pay the rich.

*I think Medicaid would run out of money slower if we would take all the harmful food additives off the market. I mean really, do we need to add things like MSG to our food to make it taste better? True, the older you get the less you can taste your food so you want the msg even more. But do we really need to put unhealthy people MORE at risk for health problems by adding what is known to be virtually poison to their food? Then their alzheimer’s gets worse or their heart problems get worse and Medicaid has to pay for that. Why would the same government both allow poison to be fed to its people AND pay to fix the problems the poison creates?

*If Social Security and Medicaid are going broke, why not restrict benefits to people who refuse to eat right? Too intrusive? How about insisting we pay for health insurance? Isn’t that the same problem?

Ok, please keep in mind that I don't know what I'm talking about. I am one of those people who know just enough to be dangerous. I love my country and would still rather have the freedoms I have than to live in a communistic country. I just worry that so many things I hear are leading us closer and closer to communism. We're like the frog in the hot water. They keep turning up the heat and we don't notice the difference and jump out. If we keep throwing tax dollars at every problem we will soon have nothing left for ourselves. But then we can fix our lack of food and clothing with more government programs, right? It has to stop somewhere.

There are a lot of intelligent people working for us in congress. Really. If they could just put aside their silly politics for a while I bet they could find some good solutions. Maybe if they were required to find a solution to problems before they were allowed to retire and draw benefits . . .

I'll just shut up now since I don't know what I'm talking about anyway.



Roger said...

Two comments:

1. When Bob Bullock was Lt. Gov. he would bring warring parties together in his office's conference room, serve them coffee, tea, water and a food snack appropriate to the time of day. He would then tell them they had to come to a resolution before they left the room. There was no bathroom available. I am told it always worked as one side always gave in out of necessity.

2. I'm not sure who said this, but I believe it to be wise. "Democracy dies when the voters realize they can vote themselves a raise."

Julie Mc said...

I keep starting to type comments and then realize they are too inflammatory -- both in support of and against your thoughts -- so I delete the comments and start over. I guess in the end, it's best that I don't comment at all (except to say that I'm not commenting!). The bottom line is that the problem is not going to be fixed. It's bigger than anyone can handle.