Friday, November 16, 2007

A Graduation Gift

God is so good. I know, you all know that already, but here's another example of how He helps to work things out.

Stephen, our oldest son, is currently in Army Basic Training. We had hoped to make a family trip and go to his graduation. I've heard over and over that Basic makes a man out of you and that it is something special to soldiers. I felt it was really important that we be there for Stephen. But there was just no way. Our finances wouldn't allow it. I prayed and it looked like the answer was to be no. My mother had offered to let us use her air miles and even watch our children if I went or if we could work it out for Roger and I to both go, but that just didn't seem right to me. You know how sometimes you have no reason to say no to something but have no peace about saying yes? That's how I felt. I have enough experience with ignoring those feelings and having bad consequences that I was not going to ignore it this time. But I just felt heartsick that no one would be there to cheer for Stephen when he graduated.

So I asked for a substitute family. I prayed about it a lot and then wrote to the MOMYS list and asked if someone who lives in that area would attend the graduation for us. I know, it's weird, but that would have helped me feel better.

The responses I got at first were heartbreaking. I was being told how very important it is that someone from our family go. It would mean so much to our son, etc. etc. So again, I cried out to God and asked Him to help. Then I read one response that said we should try to somehow send Roger. That felt so perfectly right to me! So I asked the kids if they would mind doing extra chores and extra milking while Dad was gone. They agreed they thought it was a good idea and would be glad to help out. I called my mother and the offer for air miles was still good. Roger tried to tell me I should go, but agreed he would be glad to go when I insisted it should be him.

All that was left was to find lodging. The MOMYS came through for me here. There is a family who will let him stay with them on base the night before graduation. Then Roger gets to stay with his old youth pastor (who is now an army chaplain) right near the airport the second night.

This is all working out so well! It's all set! Roger even gets to have a mini-vacation which he soooo deserves! And all we have to do is rent a car.

See, didn't I tell you God is good? He gave us all a graduation gift for Stephen's graduation!


Update - Roger's old youth minister is a retired Army Chaplin Corps Colonel.

Additional Blessing - Roger's dad, Leland, called this evening and said he'd take care of the rental car. So, Roger gets to go see Stephen graduate and we don't even have to rent a car. Thanks, Dad. Rock Chalk!


Ann said...

What a blessing!!! Hope Roger has a wonderful time!

Mary said...

Where is graduation, if you don't mind me asking?


Anonymous said...

Praying that both your husband and son are blessed by this special time together.

Martha M. from MOMYS