Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Paint Colors

I said I would post pictures of the rooms I painted. I am finally getting around to that.

This is Clark and Sam's room. Notice the cover plates over the switch and outlet? Roger taught me how to do that and while it is an easy job, I was proud of myself. This room will get a green trim and then we'll paint things like bugs and frogs and snakes on the wall. But there's no hurry on that big job.

This is Faith and Grace's room.

Claire, Joy and Gloria's room. This will have flowers painted on the wall, and probably a few butterflies.

The boys' bathroom. This room will have a bright blue trim. I'm not sure yet what else we'll do with it. Notice the light switches down low and at normal height? That is so the little ones can turn on the light by themselves and the bigger people don't have to stoop down. Both of the kids' bathrooms have this feature.

The girls' bathroom will have a bright yellow trim. Yes, we like bright colors.

The baby's room will also be a guest room and an office if we ever get done needing a nursery (I'm almost 40 so that day should come within 10 years, right?) so we went with a tamer color in there. It's called Hazelnut cream. The trim and window seats will be white.

The Master bedroom will have white trim and window seats also. If you can see out the door of the bedroom, right across the entry way is the baby's room. I haven't enjoyed having Gloria in our room for so long (she'll be 18 mos on Monday), but I don't like having my baby's too far away either!

And I already showed the color in the Master bath in my last post. The laundry room and pantry are white. I'm sure you can picture that, but here's a pic anyway although the pantry isn't finished yet in this picture. I had to prime that brick wall first. It's amazing how cool that room stays. It will be great for food storage, but I may have to wear a jacket if I have to spend any time in there.

Mitchell's room isn't painted yet, neither is the kids' Common Area (which will be the bright blue and bright yellow being used as trim in the bathrooms). Mitchell initially wanted white, but having seen all the colors he is now re-thinking that. We're letting him take his time. He's getting his own room since he's worked so hard on building the house. Most likely he'll only live with us about 3 more years before he goes off to college. By then, we'll need to move them all around anyway to move the baby out of the nursery and Gloria out of the Toddler bed she'll be in (unless we switch her to a trundle). But hopefully I won't have to re-paint it all. We'll have 2 girly rooms and two for boys. Hopefully that will keep working, but who knows? (Any guesses on what baby #10 will be?)



Ann said...

I LOVE IT.....I love the bright colors for the kids. The colors fit the personality of kids. Bright, Bold, and Fun!!!
I can't wait to see the finished house in pictures!

Nancy said...

I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your recent testimony about God's blessing on momys. You really honor God with your faithfulness in a BIG way! I love the paint colors. You sound like you have a lot of fun with your family. Many blessings to you with your coming baby. We're expecting number 7 and going thru some hard times. You have encouraged me!