Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Painting, tiling, cleaning, etc

First things first: we'll start with the etc. I took pictures of the house today, but when I went to upload them to the computer I found that I had taken the cutest couple of pictures! Gloria got the markers this morning that Joy and Claire had left on the floor. I tried to take a picture of her and she said, "cheese!" with the sweetest smile. Then Sam had to have a picture taken too, of course, and made a "scary face."

Okay, on to the house stuff. I've spent a lot of time painting and cleaning up construction mess over the last week and a half. Nothing like the time Roger has spent making the mess of course. He and Mitchell are doing an incredible job building that house and I just can't wait until I can spend more time in it.

I took a bunch of pictures today, but either blogger is acting weird or it's my computer or internet provider or something. I'm having a hard time uploading pictures. So I'll upload some today and more tomorrow. Today, I'll show you the kitchen and the bathroom that has tile started in it.

Above is the kitchen looking toward where the stove/oven will go. I was standing toward the end of the bar, but a bit closer to the middle of the kitchen. To the right you see the window that looks out to the East.

Below is the kitchen to the left of the above picture. You can see the windows up high that face North. The cabinets are painted white (I didn't do that painting, Roger did I believe) and Mitchell has stained the cabinet doors. You can see the stain on the lower corner cabinet. But the doors all still need polyurethane before they get put back on. The big tall cabinet is where we'll keep all the milk stuff--the bucket and filter and such that currently have to just sit out or hang on a hook in the middle of the kitchen. This is so exciting to me. I get to have things put away! Plus, the cabinet is right next to where the refrigerator and freezer will go. We currently have to go to another room, which is down a couple of stairs, to put away the milk after filtering it. We're looking forward to the convenience of having a whole kitchen in one room!

This next picture is the master bath/guest bath. Roger has started the tiling in there. I've painted the wall and it's a beautiful color. The picture just really doesn't do it justice. If you ever want to look it up to see the true color of it, it's called Magic Spell by Behr. It's a lot bluer in real life than it looks here, but it is kind of a cross between purple and blue--Roger's and my favorite colors. Great compromise that we both love. It might work in the kitchen above the cabinets, but we'll see.

The cleaning I've been doing is to clean up the dry wall dust and mud from taping and texturing. It's a hard job. We discovered that Joy does a better job than I do because she isn't afraid to let it get really wet. So I took a cue from her today. I mopped without squeezing out the mop so the floor got really wet. Then I used the wet/dry vac and a squeegee attachment and vacuumed up all that water. It worked pretty well.

Mister Clean Magic Erasers (which won't really burn your skin or your child's contrary to the popular email floating around) do a pretty good job removing spilled paint from the floor. Unfortunately, they also remove the paint/stain that is supposed to be on the floor. But we will be touching up all that and putting polyurethane over that.

Check back tomorrow to see pictures of all the bedrooms I've painted--with Mitchell's, Faith's, and Grace's help.

I'll leave you with one final picture. This is how Claire, Clark, and Joy occupy their time while we're out there. You know how a fan comes in a box with lots of styrofoam packaging? Well, they put it to good use building houses!



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Audrey said...

I havent visited in a while, and you guys have really been movin along on the house! I bet you are just chompin at the bit to get in there! I would sure would be.

I hope yall are doing well! PS, that lovely magic eraser, which I love by the way and use often, will scratch, oh say the first two layers of your childs skin off if they rub it on them. Eve picked mine up that I had been using and tried to wash her chin off with it, it left a horrible red mark on her poor chin. Its not a chemical burn its an abrasion burn ;-(

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ann said...

The house looks great!!!Thanks for the pics. You guys have done a great job with everything.