Monday, December 03, 2007

God's Protection Again

Today I was helping Joy clean up her old toy kitchen to give to Gloria. Hanukkah begins at sunset tomorrow and each of the children are giving each other a gift. They've been working on it for a couple weeks. They drew names and they are all making something, or in this case, sharing an old, beloved thing. It's really cool to see them pouring out gifts of love to each other. I'd share the cool things they are giving, but sometimes the kids read our blog and that would give it away.

Gloria absolutely loves this little Kitchen and plays with it all the time. So she's not really getting something new, but she is getting ownership of something she loves and that means even if Joy is mad at her she can't be told, "you can't play with my kitchen now!" And to a kid, that's a big deal! To an adult that's a big deal too, isn't it? We like to own things for ourselves.

So anyway, we're cleaning it up and trying to make it look new when I see the bottom of it. The bottom was covered with spider webs and empty spider egg sacs. There must have been at least 20 egg sacs. I grabbed my trusty vacuum and began to clean it up. There seemed to not be any living spiders around until I saw the big black widow. Yep. These were black widow egg sacs. My babies were playing DAILY around a toy that was a black widow nursery!!

I was struck by the grace God has bestowed on us. He has been protecting my children for who knows how long. We've found black widows in that room and thought we'd thoroughly cleaned it. We've tried to keep them away from where we live as best we could. And all this time, they were living and breeding right at Gloria's feet--literally!

And not one spider bite that we know of. If any of the children were bit, they never had a problem from it.

God is Grrrrrreat! (Imagine Tony the Tiger here to know how to say that.)



Audrey said...

I am SO happy to here that The Father has shown His unending mercies on your family! Isnt He Magnificent!

So do you think you may have the same "pests" problems in the new house? Maybe it will be a bit tighter and keep those little buggers out of there!

Ann said...

We definately serve an AWESOME GOD!!! Praise God that the kids were protected!

Melissa Nelson said...

We're thinking the new house is a lot tighter than this one. I think a tent would be tighter than this house. Seriously.