Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hanukkah gift exchange

We just finished with our first night of gifts for Hanukkah. The kids exchanged the gifts they made each other. I think they all loved them! I thought I'd share because I'm proud of them and the ideas they came up with.

Mitchell made Sam (3) a Spiderman book. He just got pics off the internet and put them together with a simple story. Then he spiral bound it and Sam LOVES it.

Faith made a board game for Clark (7). It has an army theme. She taped and glued some scrapbooking things on a file folder and wrote out rules with two different ways to play. She even used modeling clay and made little markers--like a soldier and a flag--and a die. They were all just in there playing and laughing a lot.

Grace made Joy (5) some beautiful paper dolls and then had them laminated. She gave them to her along with 24 hours worth of coupons to play together.

Claire made a set of stationery for Faith (13). She chose the perfect design. It has a large "F" at the top (Faith writes F's everywhere she can get away with it--and over the years a few places she shouldn't have like on the kitchen table!) and horses running across the bottom. Complete with printed envelopes.

Clark made Claire (9) a "fashion design sketchbook" by tracing a body shape. Then we scanned it and printed 50 copies of it. We added a cover, spiral bound it and added a set of colored pencils. She loves it.

Joy gave Gloria (1) her old kitchen.

Sam and I chose some books from Project Gutenberg and printed and spiral bound them for Grace (11). ( I have a spiral binder by the way.)

Gloria cheated. She didn't make anything. She even broke the $5 spending limit (which was okay since most of the kids spent nothing). She gave Mitchell (15) a leather journal just like one Stephen got as a graduation gift and Mitchell's been coveting ever since. ;-) But we figure she's okay not making anything since she's only 18 mos old.

They were all excited both to give and to receive. I'm proud of all the hard work they did! And the big surprise was that they even made a gift for me! They made me a pillow that says "We love you Mom" and then they all signed it. I'm thinking it might help make me more comfortable as I enter this 3rd trimester of pregnancy. But I may not want to actually use it and mess it up. I'll have to check if they used permanent markers or water based markers before I use it. ;-)



Julie Mc said...

It's stories like this that make me think it might be worth the few years of suffering to have a second child...

Ann said...

The kids are so creative. It sounds like they all did such a great job. I love that they made you something, too. You are truly blessed!

Faith said...

We used a sharpie to sign the pillow. By the way, the 'Faith Nelson's on the table are not all from me. Grace admitted to me once that she wrote one on there. She said she thought that would be an effective way to get me in trouble. Not that I have a right to complain. I have written her name on furniture/walls countless times.

Grace said...

I only wrote my name on the closet door at our old house but it was more 'Grpce'.