Sunday, December 23, 2007

Remember Me

You may have seen this already, but if not, take some time (about 5 minutes I think) and watch it. This is a video made by a 15 yr old girl and is really worth your time.

I was warned to have my kleenex ready and didn't pay attention. Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant and emotional. Maybe it's because I'm now a mother to a soldier. But tearjerker stuff doesn't usually make me cry and this one really did. So be ready.

Remember Me


Heidi said...

Hey, I'm not sure I ever commented before, but I just wanted to share the link...when I clicked the link you gave it said the video was no longer available, so I hunted it down on youtube and found it at . Thanks for pointing me to it; very worthwhile.

Christina said...

Haven't seen the video yet.. but I wanted to comment on your family pic..

That is the BEST!! What a great sense of humour you all have!! I love the fact that your older boy is all dressed out and still pulling a face!

Blessing for the New Year~