Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have such mixed feelings about rain these days. Back in the "old days" when we lived in the Metroplex rain simply meant no Park Day on Fridays or a need for an umbrella or something. Or frizzy hair (okay, some things never change).

Nowadays rain brings so much more to mind:

*Perhaps an end to the burn ban so we can burn some of our trash.

*This time of year I don't worry so much about grass growing for the cows, but the pond will be full and that's good. Cows drink a lot and that's less water we'll have to pay for.

*There will be TONS of mud dragged into the house by all the little (and big) feet that go in and out all the time.

*Lots of wet clothes to wash. (Well, that's nothing new.)

*And for now, I wonder if we'll be stuck in the house. The road across our property that leads to this house gets awfully muddy. We haven't yet put in a gravel driveway as we plan to do eventually. So lots of rain means lots of mud which means we stay here until it dries up some. And I guess I need to call the friends that were planning to stop by tomorrow and warn them that it's too muddy--IF it's too muddy.

None of these things are things that will keep me up at night. But just one of the changes from "then" to "now". Every so often I notice these things and marvel at how different my life is these days. But mostly, I just live it day by day and do what needs to be done. Now there's a change right there. I feel so much less stress over life in general.


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lisa n. said...

I would love to hear more about your home, now that you have moved in...whenever you get the chance.

I hope you remember who I am & don't think I'm a weirdo stalking you. We used to discuss the makings of bread and yogurt from time to time. I still keep up with your blog.