Saturday, January 12, 2008

When's the baby due?

I've been so busy focusing on the whole new house project and getting moved, that at times I actually forgot I am expecting a new baby. I've been feeling really good and I figure that's because I've been so active and busy.

The other day we watched some program on tv where they were delivering babies. One baby after another was born for an hour. Gloria (about 1 1/2 yrs old) sat and watched it very closely. After the first baby was born, I asked her if she saw that baby come out of that mommy's tummy. She nodded yes, then laughed and said "potty!" Then she just kept laughing. Later that night I commented to her about a baby I'd seen that she knows. He's pretty little and she must have connected him somehow with the show she'd just seen. Then I said, we'll have a baby soon, won't we? She jumped off my lap (I was sitting cross-legged on the floor), got in front of me like a football player ready to catch a ball, and said "I got it! I got it!" I just couldn't stop laughing!

Thursday I had one of the stomach bugs going around and felt totally miserable. But I realized that I haven't felt all the normal aches and pains I felt the whole last trimester when pregnant with Gloria. That all changed when I woke up Friday morning. The baby seems to be lower and I have this awful stretching and pulling sensation in my skin that feels like I'm going to rip open around my ribs. But according to my lmp, I am 34 weeks now. According to the ultrasound however I am only 33 weeks.

A bit of my history: Baby #1 was 12 days after due date. No ultrasound was done.
Baby #2 was born the day after the lmp due date and two days before the u/s due date. However my water was broken due to Braxton Hicks contractions coming 1 minute apart and driving me absolutely nuts. I now know that I should never eat chocolate while pregnant because that was what was causing that.
Baby #3 was born on her due date based on lmp. No u/s was done.
Baby #4 was 2 days past lmp due date. No u/s.
Baby #5 was 3 days past lmp due date. I have no memory what the u/s due date was, but it was later.
Baby #6 was born on his due date based on lmp. U/s due date was later, but I don't remember it either.
Baby #7 was 3 days before lmp due date. No u/s.
Baby #8 was born on the lmp due date. U/s due date was 9 days later.
Baby #9 was born 4 days past lmp due date. U/s was 8 or 9 days later I believe.

So the big question is when will baby #10 be born? My lmp sets the due date at Feb 22. The u/s sets it at Feb 29. My birthday is Feb 25 which might be a cool day to have a baby. We've long thought it would be neat to have a Leap Year baby. But what we want and when the baby comes are not usually the same thing. I think it would be fun to hear guesses. I can't give a prize to the winner, but if you'd like to guess, just put your guess in the comments section and we'll see who gets the closest!

Oh, and the u/s was done early so we don't know if this is a boy or a girl. Feel free to guess on that too. ;-)



Anonymous said...

My guess is: a boy to be born Feb 10! Grammy

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a sweet boy born on Feb.16! Kim Monroe

Karen of TX said...
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Karen of TX said...

I know you have a pattern going, but I'm going to take the other side and say a girl, on Feb. 25. I think that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

I say a boy, born on the 24th.

Aunt Julie said...

I'm gonna go w/ Feb 23, a girl. I'm really hoping it's a girl so she can wear some of the pretty clothes Zoey added to your collection. :-)

Audrey said...

I'll say girl (because I have less aches with girls) to be born on Feb 25, because thats my dads b-day! Or she can come on the 26th because thats my sisters.

How time flies, I remember like it was yesterday when you had your last little one!

Ann said...

I'll guess Feb. and easy!!!
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi, from Missouri! I had lost your email and blog link awhile ago. Looks like I found it just in time!

I will guess a beautiful boy on Feb. 23.

I would love to hear from you when you have time.:)

Anonymous said...

February 27th is my guess!!

Anonymous said...

February 27th a boy(Claire says a girl)