Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Wood Stove

I thought Roger posted the other day that we were moving in, but I guess it didn't work or something. Anyway, we spent the last day of 2007 moving. We began the new year in our new house. It's not finished, but it is livable.

We are all excited over big things (I took my first shower in 2 1/2 years, we have a dishwasher, we can all fit in our living room) and little things (a light in the laundry room, mirrors that we can see ourselves in, colors we like on the wall). It was a bit disappointing to find a scorpion in a box on the floor yesterday morning, but there were NO ANTS in the sink!!!!!

When we first decided to leave the city and move to the country, Roger and I both did what we'd always done to learn something new. We read books. We knew there was stuff we'd need to learn that you can't learn from a book, but at least that gave us a starting point. We read about how to butcher a chicken, felt clueless, but tried it anyway. It's funny to look back on some of our mistakes, but we've learned by doing. That seems to be how it is with our new wood stove.

I was a girl scout for a little while as a kid, but I was too young to be taught how to build a fire. Roger loves to play with fire, so he has a starting point. We are learning how to keep it burning all night, but meanwhile, if one of us wakes up during the night, we check on it and add a log. Well, that's me. Roger SLEEPS like a log so he doesn't add logs on the fire at night. I wake up usually for any little thing. Last night I didn't wake up until 5am.

I woke feeling really cold. I got up and found that the fire was almost completely out. We still had a couple spots of glowing embers, but that was about it. The blower was on, but the air coming out wasn't very warm anymore. And it was cold in the house. I found out a few hours later that the temperature outside was in the teens. The eggs the hens laid this morning were brought in partially frozen. I didn't know all this yet, but I knew I needed to get that fire going.

I had no book learning to help me and no one to show me what to do. I grabbed a log and put it on those embers. Then I sat down and prayed. I just asked God to help me know what to do next because I was clueless. That log was just making smoke. I won't bore you with all the details, but an hour later, I went back to bed with a fire burning in the stove. I will tell you that at one point He had to tell me to stop worrying about the smoke getting in the house and just open the door and poke at those embers. It worked. Hurray and Praise God! Who says He doesn't care about the little things in life?

We currently have no tv or internet at our new house. I am writing this from our old house. There is lots of work to do here so I must stop writing and get to work. I need to get back to the house before that fire goes out! Like I said, we have a lot to learn. Hopefully we'll learn it soon so we won't be tied to the fire in the wood stove!


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Our Son said...

I"d love to see pictures of your new house! Its exciting to see this unfold. I remember when you just posted the design. Wow can't belive your in it!