Saturday, February 02, 2008

90 Months of Pregnancy

Today I realized I am in my 90th month of pregnancy.

I mentioned that to Stephen on the phone this evening and he pointed out that is 7.5 years. Since I'll be 40 this month also, that is almost 1/5 of my life! As I turn 40 and wonder what I've done with my life so far I can realize that I've spent 20% of it growing and raising some of the world's smartest, cutest, most beautiful, wonderful creatures that exist. Wow! Quite an accomplishment, huh? I can feel good about that even if I never did get a college degree.

So then you go a bit further into the numbers and try to get more specific. I can figure out weeks. Each pregnancy is an average of 40 weeks. So that would be 400 (don't you love multiplying by 10! It's so easy!) weeks minus 3 since I still have 3 weeks left. But wait! Stephen was 12 days late, Mitchell was 1 day late, Grace was 2 days late, Claire was 3 days late, Joy was 3 days early, and Gloria was 4 days late. The rest--Faith, Clark and Samuel--were born on their due dates so that equates to 0 days late or early. That adds up to 19 days late. I'm due in 20 days so as of tomorrow I will have spent 400 weeks of my life pregnant. That would be 2800 days!! And I'm not even done yet.

That's a lot of morning sickness, small bladder, heartburn, achy back, etc. kind of days.

And was it all worth it? You bet!

Well, at least so far.


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Kim said...

You have accomplished quite a bit in your 40 years!