Monday, February 18, 2008

The Laundry Room

entering laundry room
As you enter our laundry room, this is what you see. Not terribly exciting, huh? But I love it. It's got everything in one place. In the last house, the washer was in one room, the dryer in another. Then we folded everything in the living room. The kids kept their clothes in their bedrooms. We had a "family closet" type of laundry room in Grapevine and it was hard to give that up. I am so glad to be back to this setup.

clothes boxes
Each member of the family has 2 boxes or baskets that hold their clothes. There is also space on the shelves for some shoes. This frees up the bedrooms to not need to house all these things, but the biggest benefit is that when their clothes are clean, I fold them and put them directly into the appropriate box. This way we never have to deal with the kids taking their clothes to their room and just leaving the clean folded pile on the floor, only to dump it in the dirty clothes basket after mixing it with dirty clothes and being told to clean their room. Plus, the dirty clothes, even if left on the floor, are all right in the room with the washer and dryer. No carting piles of clothes all over the house. The door to this room has a bathroom type lock on it so they can change in here. We haven't done it yet, but plan to add a full length mirror to the inside of the door.

All the extra clothes boxes that you see are either clothes that don't currently fit anyone (organized by gender, size and season), extra blankets, towels, etc., or shoes that are worthy of being passed on to the next possible wearer.

hanging clothes and wire shelves
This area is where we are currently hanging our clothes as they get taken out of the dryer. The kids' clothes stay here for now, Roger and I have a closet in our room. In the next picture you'll see where there will some day be another hanging rack to hold the kids' clothes. We don't hang a lot of stuff. If it can't be folded and put in their boxes, they usually won't wear it anyway.

The shelving next to the hanging rack is also next to the washer and dryer. This is where I keep the laundry detergent (btw, I settled on the homemade powdered detergent which I am finding is the best detergent I have ever used. Works great, clothes come out soft, and it's really inexpensive!). It is also where more towels and such go. I place the kitchen towels here as I fold them, but then they get put away in the kitchen by whoever has that chore every day during our "after lunch clean up" (we have one for every meal).

laundry sorting and storage
Here is where we sort our dirty clothes. Our last sorter broke and we just got a new one. I am really happy with it. It has wheels so I can roll it over and easily add clothes to the washer. Also, the wheels make it easy to get to the stuff stored behind the sorter. We sort things into 3 loads--darks, lights, and reds. This sorter works well for us and takes up less space than 3 baskets. I may be adding a basket soon though because we are moving away from paper towels and napkins in favor of microfiber towels (we found them in the automotive section of the store and got 3 dozen for cheap. They work GREAT for soaking up all those spills at meal time!) that we can wash and re-use. Add to that all the other wet towels and wash clothes, etc. and I really need to keep them separate from the clothes. I'm finding it difficult to get that load clean. It can be done, but I think I'd prefer a load of just towels instead of risking losing our clothes if something is too gross.

Anyway, behind that you see a pile of boxes. These are my sewing things. I have a lot of fabric stored away. I couldn't help myself when the local store had 25cent a yard clearance fabrics. Besides, I don't know anyone who sews who doesn't have a stash of fabric somewhere. Eventually Roger is going to build me a cabinet to sew at and store my stuff, but for now it lives here. When the cabinet is built, we'll be able to add a bar for hanging the clothes the kids rarely wear.

looking out of laundry room
Looking back out of the laundry room you see the kitchen out the door. To the right at the doorway is a hanging thingy to hold our broom, mop, dustpan. We also have our water softener, heater, and filter in here. Some day, if I need it, there is room for a shelf that can go up over the top of all this for more storage. For now I don't need it and asked Roger to just wait and move on to more important things.

I've probably forgotten something, but this post is too long already. I just love this room. It makes my life so much easier.



JM said...

When I lived in India, everything about that place was chaos. It drains you -- FAST. I remember hearing an Indian who had moved to America and was trying to convince his family to join him. His argument was that there is order in America. The streets have lanes and lights and laws that people obey. The stores have lines that people wait in. And on and on he went about how much better life is when there is order. Your blog about your laundry room reminds me of that. How much better life is when things are organized!

Mitchell said...

It's nice to see that others appreciate my (well, and Dad's) hard work

The valiant writer, Mitchell

Jen said...

I love the way you have everything in one room!!!

That seems like it would be so much more efficient and less clutter in your bedrooms!

If I ever have a laundry room that big I think I would do it just like that.

Great job! Thanks for sharing.

Janelle said...

We are getting ready to redo our laundry room. Its not big enough to hold all of our cloths, but it will hold the linens and out of season clothes. I'll also have room for a laundry basket on shelves for each person so that they can pull out their basket and put their own clothes away.

Your laundry room is great! I forgot about a hanging bar to put things on right as they come out of the dryer. I'll make sure that gets in our plan now.

Thanks for your post and the pictures.


Closer to 40 everyday !!! said...

I love your laundry room. I loved your laundry room in Grapevine too. If I ever build a house I must have a huge laundry room. I love the idea of all the clothes being there.

Can't wait to see your house.

Christina said...

I love the laundry room! I would love to see a blog on all the rooms, when they are finished of course. Your family is really doing an amazing job. The shot from the LR looking into the kitchen.. the kitchen looks amazing!
just my two cents..

Audrey said...

Not very exciting? Are you kidding me....that is great! Yep, I knew it jealousy. ;-)

I hope you are feeling well! I cant wait to hear about that new little ones arrival!

Hey, did yall end up doing the underground piping for air conditioning? I am qurious to hear how it turned out!