Monday, February 04, 2008

More Large Family Numbers and a Praise

The praise first. I have been struggling the last 3 weeks with pain. We believe it to be gallstones. Being pregnant there isn't a whole lot we can do about it. I've been eating more acidic foods, more fiber, and just suffering. Any fat in my diet makes it hurt soooo much more. So I've been avoiding fat--which means protein because even beans hurt me a lot. Of course, I've been praying about this all along. One night Faith watched me struggling with an attack and prayed for me. It instantly got better. I didn't know why until she said how weird it was that I got better at that moment because she'd just prayed for me. It hasn't been as bad since then, but it definitely wasn't gone. I've been sleeping only 4-5 hours per night and not eating very well either. I know I've gotten incredibly grouchy and hard to live with. Last night I went to bed and as usual, couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. The pains only allow me to sleep on my back, but at 37 weeks pregnant, that can really be uncomfortable. I'll sleep for 15 minutes or so at a time before I wake up with back pain, unable to breathe, or just numb from the waist down. If I sleep on either side I get this pain that feels like someone is stabbing me in my lower right ribs and I can usually only sleep through that for about 15 minutes or so. So last night I asked Roger to pray for me because praying for myself just wasn't helping. As he prayed for me to be able to sleep and eat normally, I felt some of the pain subside. I still awoke several times during the night but never felt I had to get up to breathe or anything. Just changed positions and went back to sleep. I was totally amazed to see the sun was rising when I woke up. I had been in bed for almost 8 hours!!!!

Then came time for breakfast. I'd made yogurt yesterday (which turned out to be the BEST yogurt ever) since that seems to be the only form of protein that doesn't hurt me. But I added the granola that Faith made this morning in spite of the fact that it had oil in it. I was feeling pretty good about God answering the sleep part of the prayer and wanted to see if He'd also answered the eat part. I had two bowls of yogurt and granola and no pain. Tested it further at lunch with two tortillas with cheese melted on them and now an hour or so later, still no pain! I sure hope this continues. But even if it's just a break for the day, I am praising God for it!

Now, more about Numbers. I talked the other day about 90 months of pregnancy. I was just handed a tooth. I have been keeping each child's teeth in a separate container and decided recently that I'm just going to throw them all together in one jar. I realized when Claire handed me her lost molar (We don't do the tooth fairy. I just trade them a couple of quarters for the tooth.) that if each of ten children give me 20 teeth, that's 200 teeth for my jar! But I won't quite have that many because Clark has swallowed a couple and Mitchell lost some before he could give them to me. But still, that's a lot of teeth!

Oh, one more thing. Happy 18th birthday to our soldier! Stephen is in the field training this week so we can't contact him. But it's a big day for him! And 18 years since I officially became a mom. Of course, it was about this time of day that they were sending me home from the hospital saying it was a false alarm. But 6 hours later he was born. And people wonder why I prefer home births.


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Ann said...

I pray the pain stays away! Prayer is such a WONDERFUL thing!

Thanks for commenting about your store experience....I always feel that I'm the only "good, Christian mom" that goes through this!