Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nesting Time

As with any mother expecting a baby, I am nesting. I have had a long list of things to get done before the baby is born. My list cannot include fixing up a nursery because the nursery is currently the storage room for the tools and such needed to keep working on the rest of the house. We won't need the nursery for at least a couple of months since the baby will be in our room anyway.

So what kind of things make the list of a homeschooling mom expecting baby #10? Well, our school year ends in 2 weeks and the new year begins after I get some time off from having a baby. March 31 is the projected date for the 1st day of school. So I had to get all my school plans ready. That included getting the writing curriculum I've written finished, the books we need this year printed and bound, and the books all backed up on a disk (very important because 3 days before the last baby was born I had a computer crash and lost those same books!) This is done and checked off my list. I've also been working on figuring out what in the world we are going to do with Mitchell. Aside from building a house and writing a novel, in his spare time he has managed to get ahead in school. He just turned 16 but is beginning his senior year of high school. He should graduate a few days before his 17th birthday. So I've been looking up colleges and trying to figure out how to get him through some college online before he would actually leave here. He'd have 1.5 years and could possibly complete an associate degree in general studies by then. Then he could go to college at the same time as other kids his age, but already be half way done. That's been a bit time consuming. It's hard to get information about online colleges online. They still want you to use the phone. Phone calls with 8 kids in the house, well, I won't even describe the difficulty there.

I wanted to make sure anyone who might need a haircut in the next couple months got one. That includes Roger and the 3 boys still living at home. I also gave 2 of the girls haircuts and trimmed bangs for 2 of the others. This cannot yet be checked off my list. Someone unplugged the cordless trimmers that I'd plugged in to charge and I couldn't get through all the haircuts before they died. But I just have 2 left so I'm close.

Yesterday I worked all day in the laundry room. We are very close to having that room finished and organized. When that is done I will have all the clothes organized by size and gender and boxed and labeled in one room. That will be great since Spring weather should hit shortly after we have the baby. Roger will be able to help get out what we need and the children won't be stuck wearing sweaters in 80 degree weather.

And the thing I am most excited about is that I wanted to make new burp cloths for the baby, and a new diaper bag. I finished both today.

The burp cloths were exciting to me because I was very frugal. It cost me 75 cents to make these. I had flannel that I'd bought on clearance for 25 cents a yard. I used less than 3 yards, but more than 2 so I rounded up. I just took two rectangles of flannel for each one, sewed a piece of a dish towel that needed to be thrown out because of all the stains and rips (and we had quite a few of these) into the center and serged the edges. I made 11. It bothered me that it's not an even dozen, but not enough to go find more fabric to make just one more. And we still have 1 or 2 old ones that haven't been completely worn ragged from the first 9 kids.

burp cloths

The thing I am absolutely thrilled about is the diaper bag I made today. I started this at about 3:15 and by 9:15 I had finished and even taken pictures. Of course, we just had sandwiches for dinner which Faith fixed, but I did take time to eat. And the kids watched more movies during that time than I was really comfortable with. But I have never done a project like this and I was totally absorbed with the directions and what I was doing. I am VERY pleased with the results.

diaper bag
inside of bag

The first picture shows the exterior of the bag. In the second picture I tried to show the vinyl inner pockets, there are 6 of them including two to hold a cup or bottle--one for mom and one for baby/toddler. I also added a little loop at the top to hook my keys on. The criss cross design of the bag means there are 2 outer pockets, too. I love this bag. I got the pattern from and the fabric and notions from Walmart. I learned several things from this project, but two stand out in my mind the most: don't try to iron this fake leather stuff or it will melt, and french seams are not as hard as I thought they would be.

So now if I can just get those last two haircuts done and finish up the last few things in the laundry room, I'll be ready to have the baby. Too bad the baby won't necessarily come when I'm ready though.


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Aunt Julie said...

That diaper bag is CUTE! Good size. I've been using an over-sized purse because I just can't find a diaper bag I like that's not so big it holds the state of Texas! Nice job.

I've got a ton of burp cloths. I never sent them over to you because I figured you had plenty. I'll get some to you soon.