Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What if you don't have a lot of toys for your kids?

Having moved recently, we haven't yet moved all of the kids' stuff. As Sam, our 3 year old, said recently, our old house is "where all our stuff lives."

So what do the kids do all day? We homeschool and get done with school work by noon most days. Some days they make messes--especially the younger ones. But there are positive ways they put that energy to use, too. They help out with work--like organizing the room full of tools and such that are needed to finish the house, helping me bake bread or cook whatever needs cooking, or clearing a path for a new driveway. But sometimes they just like to play. So here's an example of what they do if all they have is paper, markers, colored pencils, and modeling clay. Oh, and one little castle thingy they snuck over here without my knowing. (I've tried to not move anything that doesn't yet have a home in the new house. Shelves aren't in yet.)


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