Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You never know who might be reading this junk

So, I’m sitting in my office this afternoon and the phone rings. On the other end is a woman that sounds kind of upset. I was used to getting calls from upset folks when I was a City Manager, but not as an EDC Director. (This is one of the really nice things about the job.) Then the lady on the other end says “I’m your birth mother.” I suppose now would be a good time to disclose to those of you that read this blog that I was adopted as an infant.

So we talked for a while and she tells me that I am the only child she ever had and I told her that she was about to be the grandmother of ten children. She already knew this as she has been reading this blog over the last few days. She knew about the laundry room and my napping. The thing about this is that I had never given a great deal of thought to the fact that various parts of my life are just thrown out there on these here internets for anyone to read. It was an absurd moment. Here is my birth mother, the woman that carried me around for nine months and had every right to know my tenth child was on the way and I’m kind of startled that she knows it before I can tell her about it and she knows because I have told the whole world about it over the last eight or nine months. Actually, I think Melissa has been the one baby blogging, but you get the point.

To add to it all, here I am all startled and bemused about the lack of privacy that I have because of the internet and my blabbing all over it and now I am telling about this deeply personal and cool deal that happened to me today. Why am I telling all of this? Because it’s going to come out anyway over the next few months as she is going to come and meet us all in April.

Now, you all know. I will not be revealing her name, at least for now, because she gets to keep her privacy for a while. Also, I’m not really sure how to deal with all this. We’ve traded a couple of e-mails already and there was the one conversation, but how is this supposed to work? I have parents that I love already. I talked to Dad and he was very supportive of me getting to know my birth mother. At some point I need to relax and drop the birth part, but at the same time I have my mother’s memory playing large in my mind. I went to the library and checked out “Heather Has Two Mommies”, but it didn’t help at all.

I guess for now all I can do is take a line from her e-mail earlier this afternoon and agree that I hope it will be a great journey for all of us.



JM said...

Oh, my gosh!!!!! This is very exciting. I hope you'll blog about the journey. I haven't heard from Ashlee's adoptive mom in 2 or 3 years and I'm dying to just know more about her -- who she is, what she looks like, etc. She's 17 now! Maybe one day she'll contact me, who knows? This is a very nice thing you're doing for your birth mom. I would love to hear especially how the first meeting goes. Keep me (us)posted!

Audrey said...

Roger, you crack me, the book didnt help huh?? LOL

I know what you are going through, I met my mom for the first time when I was 20. Its a weird thing for sure. Difference is I was raised by my I never really had a mom.

I hope that your experience will be much better than mine turned out being. We no longer talk with each other.

Now I need to go look at that laundry room, I caught a glimpse of it before hitting comment and I think I feel a twinge of jealousy coming on.