Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby picture

Ezra is doing well. Everyone is enjoying him. Sam seems to be especially thrilled with his new brother. Today he was telling him, "We'll always be together, Ezra."

After 10 babies I still can't trim their fingernails. Ezra's are especially long and he kept scratching himself, but when I tried to trim them I cut his finger on the second one so he still has eight nails left to trim. At least I got the longest and he's stopped scratching himself. Practice doesn't always make perfect!



Anonymous said...

Melissa he is such a pretty baby! I can't wait to see him again.:)I never was much on the nail cutting either,I always would bite my kids nails.Give me a call if you need anything.Kim

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh that's funny... my ped. always tells me to chew them off. LOL Wha? Yep -- he says he has cut one too many fingers trying to clip them... just chew them off -- they are paper thin now anyway. LOL

He's a cute baby b.t.w.

Ann said...

What a cutie!! Oh I hate cutting baby nails :((( I cut Mark one time so bad that I ended up taking him to the dr., thinking he would need stitches ;) he didn't but it wouldn't stop bleeding...I still don't clip his nails, he just bites them:))

JM said...

I'm certainly no expert, but the best way for me to trim Zoey's nails is to let Fred do it. :-) Ha Ha
Actually I heard that if you do it backward so that you're looking at the flesh of the finger instead of the surface of the nail, it's easier. Haven't tried it myself.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Ezra Nelson => TEN => Tenth child ......Very Clever!
Ya got to get up pretty early in the morning ......uh .....Wait, I guess you already do!
Best of luck with the newest Nelson!

= Kent =

Anonymous said...


He's gorgeous! Betsy