Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning About Babies

This is Ezra in a special sleeper. This is the sleeper his oldest two brothers wore home from the hospital and the next two brothers wore at some point. All five of the boys have worn it now.

And notice the hair. Is he going to have curly hair like Sam and Stephen? We'll have to wait and see. Still no sign of blue in his eyes either. Will we actually have a brown-eyed boy? (Mitchell has hazel eyes, Grace has brown. Until now, the rest were blue.)

Those are a few obvious things we're learning about our little guy.

He also seems to be on a 48 hour schedule. Is this true for ALL babies, or just all of mine? They seem to sleep well for 24 hours, then stay awake a lot for 24 hours. It can be really frustrating during the wakeful 24 hours. But when you see the pattern it helps because you can know that sleep WILL come--tomorrow.

Ezra is a very peaceful baby. He seems to have a quiet calm about him most of the time. Yet there are times he screams and I can't seem to settle him down. I was starting to suspect that it was connected to the anxiety level in the house. Then Clark and Joy left to stay with my mom for the weekend. They fight with each other a lot. Since they've been gone Ezra has hardly cried at all and hasn't had any episodes of inconsolable screaming. Hmmm. I wonder if knowing that will help them stop arguing. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe I'll just send them outside when they argue.

And farm news unrelated to the baby--Faith and Grace harnessed and milked the cow all by themselves today! May not sound like much, but it was a first and I'm proud of them. And they got the same amount of milk as ever in about the same amount of time as when they work with their dad. Good job girls!


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