Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some things

I took Clark and Grace with me to Abilene to buy birthday gifts for everyone. We have the birthday kid (kids in this case) buy a cheap little gift for each sibling or a 'big' gift for the family. They got Gloria dress-up shoes, a car for Sam, a crown for Joy (this may have been a mistake), a Polly Pocket for Claire, a rope for Faith (I don't know) and super glue for Mitchell (he has a guitar to fix and this is actually helpful). For the last two items we were in Home Depot - I had to go there anyway - and saw the grills. They have a great big grill - a cooking surface of about 20" by 30" - for $199. We bought a grill that is about 15" by 24" for $350 about 12 years ago. Two things about this - 1. I have put in a strong request for a Fathers' Day gift, and, 2. we actually have owned something that is still in use 12 years later. It isn't like we abuse the stuff we buy, it's more like I am not the most careful person you'll ever meet (see posts about me cutting off tip of finger or stabbing myself in the leg) and that makes us tough on tools and such.

Over the past few weeks I have been trading a 'tidbit a day' with my birth mother. I now know that she has b+ blood, golfs and went to a Stones concert last year with a District Judge. Pretty cool, huh? I have revealed my blood type as well as the fact I cannot resist piling crap on any and every flat, horizontal surface. So, I am boring and my mom is a rocker.

About a week ago we were looking at trading in the Suburban and getting a Nissan Versa or Honda Fit. Took a test drive, got low-balled on the trade-in, walked away. We were looking to do the trade to save on gas, but the Suburban is such a great vehicle and the test car was such a rattle bucket we were just not motivated buyers, still aren't.

Last weekend Mitchell and I went to Battlecry in Dallas. This is a youth ministry day and a half event with worship, concerts and mini-sermons. It was freakin' awesome. We went with a local ministry that reaches out to kids that could almost all be considered 'at-risk'. It was great and we are going to be working with their semi-fledgling youth group. We had wanted to work with our church on this, but they told us we were too weird. Not that direct, but that was the gist of it. Well, we are weird, but it will still be great.

I have hair right now, but the long term forecast calls for good weather - lows in the upper 40's at worst - the rest of the month and into April. So it is closing in on time to shave it off. I am so looking forward to that. Apparently my mother's father had a full head of hair.

Oh, yeah. My mother is coming to visit in early/mid April. Not sure of the day, yet.

Finally, if you have not seen Willie Wonka with Johnny Depp you need to see it. Yes, you NEED to see it. I have watched it umpteen times with the kids and it always entertains.


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