Monday, March 03, 2008

Still No Baby

If you made a guess as to when we'd have our baby on the When's the Baby Due? post, you were wrong. We all were. Our kids all made guesses and we are past even the last of those -- which actually had one guess in March. The last time I've ever been this late was with my first sweet baby. But all this is confirming my sleep theory. I really believe that the more sleep-deprived a mother is while pregnant, the more likely the baby will be late.

Our anniversary is March 9. We really didn't want our baby to be born that day 12 years ago, but we've shared that special day with our daughter Grace for nearly 12 years now. We think it would be great if she got a taste of her own medicine and had to share that day with another sibling. So maybe we'll have the baby March 9. Of course, if I had any control over when, it would have been a while ago. I still think right now would be great!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we haven't forgotten to tell you. It just hasn't been born yet. And it is quite likely that our blog readers will be the first to know when the baby comes. Meanwhile, keep us all in your prayers--both for me to endure with a cheerful attitude and for the rest of the family to endure when I don't have that cheerful attitude.


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JM said...

At least you're getting further along on your house! Those paintings you did look great! I can't imagine how sick of waiting you must be though... Ugh.