Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Trip to the Doctor's Office in Coleman

Gloria got hurt today. The kids were swinging her by her arms and legs and she ended up with Nursemaid's elbow. Apparently this is a common problem among young children, but we didn't experience it until our 8th and 9th children.

It happened around 10:30 this morning. It took a while to figure out why she was crying and then to settle her down a bit. A little before 11 I called the dr.'s office. The earliest appointment they had was 2:45. I turned on the tv, gave her ibuprofen and hoped she wouldn't just scream for the next few hours. She ended up falling asleep. That was good.

I was dreading the trip to the dr. Memories of doctor visits from when we lived in Grapevine were in my head. Roger worked all the time so I always had to take all the kids. We would sit in the waiting room for an hour, then in the exam room for half an hour (where they would try to explore every drawer and cabinet and--eew--trash can). Finally the dr would come in and within a few minutes answer all our questions. I would then pay a huge bill and leave feeling frazzled and exhausted and praying the kids wouldn't catch anything from the multitude of germs they'd just come in contact with.

So off we went to see Dr. Atwood today. I only took 6 of the kids and that's because they were worried about Gloria and asked to go. Roger was home so I could have said no and made most of them stay home. We were a few minutes late for our appointment. I figured this would mean an especially long wait since that would happen if we dared to be late in the metroplex. I'm not sure how long we waited, but we were home by 3:30 so it sure wasn't long!!

You know how sometimes just going to the doctor seems to miraculously cure children? Well, this happened today. She still hurts, but it seems to have popped itself back in to place. The doctor looked at her, but he really didn't have to do anything. Now, we still took his time so I expected to still pay for this visit. But Dr. Atwood said he wouldn't charge us for this! What a blessing!

To top it off, Ezra slept through the whole thing! It couldn't get any easier than that! All the kids were good. Rather than leaving frazzled and exhausted, I left in a great mood, praising God for blessing us so richly.



Ann said...

Just another bonus to living in a small town!! I'm so glad Gloria is doing ok! and thanks for the advice about GSE. I'm heading to buy some here in a few minutes and I look forward to feeling GOOD!

birthblessed said...

tagging you. :)