Monday, April 14, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff about the kids

As of last week Ezra was up to 11 pounds and 22 inches. I'm sure that has changed in the last 4-5 days because the boy never stops eating. Well, he does sleep for a good stretch at night--about 4 hours, but then he's back to nursing anywhere from every hour to every two hours. I don't mind the two hour stretches, but the every hour stuff is getting old real fast.

In the above picture, Gloria was just being really sweet and gently touching his face. She was not slapping him as Roger thought, or pushing him as Faith thought.

Sam fell asleep last night before dinner. He'd missed his nap and just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. (I am trying desperately to get us back on a schedule of some sort, but I'm failing miserably.) So he woke up this morning starving. He heard it was Faith's day to make breakfast so he went to wake her up. She said she still wanted to sleep. Sam said, "Oh, O.K." and stuck his thumb in her mouth. That might have worked for him to sleep, but it got Faith up in a hurry!

After meeting his new grandparents, Clark was asking me if maybe I was adopted. He was disappointed to hear that I was not and that he would not be getting any MORE new grandparents. He was thrilled to find someone to sit and play games with him. He even won at chess!

Joy has been a joy the last couple weeks. She's thriving getting all this extra attention from Dad while Mom takes care of the baby. And she absolutely LOVES going to get eggs every day with him. She wishes we had a lot more chickens so they would have to do that more often.

Claire hangs out at the pond every chance she gets. She'll take someone with her because I make her, but she's usually out there if she is allowed to be. They've been catching crawdads for the fun of it. (I don't want to cook them.) One day they built a fort using extra cinder blocks from our house and whatever other scraps they could get a hold of. They even made a broom out of a stick and broom weed. Now why they want their fort's floor to be clean, then drag dirt into the real house, I don't know. I guess because they are children.

Mitchell, Faith and Grace are part of a band now. I am trying to get them to record some of the songs they've written. If they do, I'll find some way to share. I'm impressed with their talent. They have totally taught themselves about music because I couldn't. It makes me want to lean more toward unschooling, but I'm too controlling to just let go and hope they learn basic things like reading, writing, and math. So I'll keep making them learn those things, but let them teach themselves the creative stuff. They're doing a beautiful job.

Stephen is currently training with his unit (or battalion or whatever) to go to Iraq. The goal is to be in Iraq by August 1st. Yes, that makes us nervous, but we are very proud of him and we are leaving him in God's hands. We'd appreciate any prayers for him. I believe that his time in the Army is God's will for his life. That doesn't mean nothing bad will happen to him, but I'd rather he be in God's will in a dangerous situation than out of God's will and "safe" at home.

Anyway, we're supposedly back in school now. If there are any homeschoolers reading this blog who have suggestions on how to get school done with a new baby, an almost 2 year old and a 3 1/2 yr old in the house, please leave your suggestions in the comments section. I could use some help! The older kids are talking about helping with the younger kids, but we'll see how that goes. In the past it never really happened. But I'm more desperate now so maybe I'll work harder at making that happen. It's starting to feel like I have a lot of kids.


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Karen of TX said...

Thanks for all the updates! What about assigning a little to a big, like the Duggars do? I know you did this in the past, but make it a daily thing? I know you've had chore charts and responsibility areas, etc. Maybe it's time to revisit some of those. More power to you!