Sunday, April 20, 2008


After three months and three weeks in the house I finally got to do some work on the house this weekend. Since fencing, buying a tractor, watching kids because we just had a baby, meeting my mother, working for a city to get my retirement and all manner of other little things have been eating up my time the house has just sat.

I cleared almost all of my tools and building materials out of the nursery/office and set up the crib and dresser/changing table. I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures, but it was straight out of an HGTV show between then and now.
In the picture you see the crib, with Ezra in it, and a window sill full of tools. There are also a bunch of razor blades sitting on the shelf. The room has a baby, but it is not baby proof, yet.

All the junk in the room is now in the trash or the ‘near barn’, which is the barn nearest the old house. The far barn is still farther away, but the near barn is hardly near anymore. Anyway, the tractor and all of my tools are stored away in the near barn and this is the next project as I need the woodshop set up to build the cabinets and bookshelves we need to finish off the house.

I already got the first part of the shop project completed by moving the freezer. As Mitchell and I were moving it I saw the biggest black widow spider I have ever seen. I decided to take a picture of it before I killed it, so I got my phone out, turned on the camera and aimed for the spider, but it was gone. In that little amount of time it had moved across about two feet of floor, up the leg of my pants and my torso on to my neck. Oh, wait, that’s the nightmare I am going to have tonight. The spider really just crawled back into its hiding spot in the box it was in. Later it peeked out at me and then went back in the box. I dumped the box over a bit but never did find the thing. I will be wearing gloves when I clean out the near barn and I will have a couple of guards next time I have to lie on my back to change oil out there.

Roger (Miss Muffitt)

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