Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too Much Time On Their Hands

We've been using a pretty relaxed schedule with school lately. We're still getting plenty accomplished academically, but we're mostly just focusing on writing and math right now as I re-adjust to life on Ezra's schedule. This means the kids get done with their schoolwork pretty early in the day and need something to do to fill the time.

They've come up with some things that make me think they need a LOT more schoolwork.

Below are a couple of pictures of Grace trying to fly Faith like a kite. Later they traded. Thankfully they never tried to do this with any of the younger kids as it was very windy. I'll have to be more careful about letting them hold the baby!

Then later Clark wanted to show me his new invention. Grossness warning here. I can't shake this from my own mind so you might want to just skip on down.

Clark's new invention is called the Booger Eater 2000. This doesn't need any more explanation. Ick!

And just now Joy and Sam have discovered what many children, certainly all of mine, seem to think is just the funniest thing to do: underwear on their heads. The humor of this, along with the bunny ears they like to do to each other, remains a mystery to me. But I love to hear the giggles from the kids when they do it!

Update: As soon as I finished posting this, I heard Gloria crying. I turned to see her wearing a diaper and crying in frustration because she couldn't get her training pants on her head. I actually helped her. Don't ask me why. So here she is:



Grammy said...

I'm still laughing. Clark you take the "gross" award. Congratulations!

Carlie said...

thanks for the warning about Clarck Faith and Grace told me about it today and all i could say was ewwww how gross

Anonymous said...

Clark is good at grossing people out!