Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Using Cloth Diapers Again

A few weeks ago we were running out of diapers and I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the store. We had a package of diapers but I was afraid to use them because that particular brand has been a problem with a couple of our children in the past--especially the boys. It seems that the diapers leak for us. The baby's clothes and mine and everything around us will get wet, but the diaper will still be dry. Weird. Then there's another brand that causes rashes in most of my children and another that seems to leak every time there's a dirty diaper. So I wasn't sure I could get to the store, and if I did I didn't know what brand to get anymore.

Roger mentioned cloth and I said I hated that idea because with 2 in diapers and no one else in the family willing to change cloth diapers it would be a terrible inconvenience for me. Not to mention I would then have extra laundry. I'd heard about a cloth diaper that went on as easy as a disposable, but they are really expensive. So Roger did the math and figured out that if we bought the really expensive diapers that I thought I could live with, we would save money after the first year.

Of all the chores in the house, laundry is my favorite. It's the one time of day that I get quiet time. No one really wants to go in the laundry room while I'm in there or they get stuck helping me fold. So an extra load every two days doesn't scare me.

So I did a lot of research and read everything I could find. I finally decided I wanted to get these diapers. I put them in my shopping cart (online) and started to check out. But I just couldn't do it. I decided to sleep on it one more night. Before I went to bed I prayed that I would make the right decision. Once during the night I had to change Ezra and throw a towel over the wet spot on the sheets. Then I woke up in the morning to another leaky diaper and this time I was wet, too. That was the worst we'd had and I figured that was it. I called the 800 number to order the diapers. We had them by the next day. We had a small learning curve as we got used to them, but now I love them. These are the best diapers ever!

There have been several occasions now where I was sure the disposable diapers would have been a huge leaky mess, but the cloth diaper contained everything. I think we've only had one problem with leaking and that was more overflow than leaking because I didn't change the poor kids soon enough. The first time I didn't change Ezra before we went to the park and then stayed at the park too long I guess. The other time I thought someone else had changed Gloria after her nap but no one had. Around dinner time I noticed her pants were wet. So it had just been on her for far too long. That's it. And that was just wet leaks. No blowouts since we switched to cloth!

The diapers are called BumGenius 3.0. No, I'm not getting paid to write about them. I just think they are great and wanted to share. It seems that the designer has thought of everything. They go on as easy as disposables. They are soft and comfortable (Gloria chooses them every time--unless she wants Butt Paste and then she wants a disposable because I won't put that in the cloth. It's supposed to be bad for the diaper (unless you use a liner) and Gloria has no rashes anyway. I don't know why she wants it on.) They use microfiber terrycloth so they absorb a lot without all the bulk of a typical cloth diaper. And I was able to buy one size that should work until potty training. You just snap them to the size you want. I have to stuff the fillers back into the diapers after washing them, but the kids do that while I read the Bible to them in the morning.

So we're saving money and using the earth's resources wisely. Plus they just look so cute and feel softer and cushier when you hold the baby than the crinkly disposables.


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Audrey said...

I enjoy using cth...its just so freeing to know that you have diapers and dont have to run to the store and buy them.

I tried pocket diapers but had a hard time keeping smells away, as well as wicking. I think it was our water.

We now use Bummis super whisper wraps with cloth inserts. I like this alot because when I need to change a wet diaper, I just take out the wet insert and put in a dry one without having to get a new cover.

I am going to have to buy newborn size this time around. So a one size fits all is a great feature on your diapers!

Now I need to go throw mine in the wash so we have diapers tomorrow