Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cats and Clotheslines

We still have 4 kittens. I mentioned in a previous post that their mother is a good mouser. Well, we don't know if she fed the kittens a mouse or if they had a successful hunting lesson or what. What we do know is that they were helping each other eat a large field mouse this morning. It was as big as the kittens. I know it sounds gross, but it was an interesting sight to watch them work together on it. And now they have a taste for it and would be great mousers themselves. Anyone want a kitten? Red, their mother, has weaned them and they're ready to go!

At the old house there is a clothesline. It's quite a walk from here though and the wasps have taken it over so I am not using it. But I like the magic the sun works on stained diapers. I couldn't just put the diapers outside for the dog and cats to play with. So I put them on the dashboard of the van. It works. I get nice, white, dry diapers. If only the dash was long enough for ALL the diapers. But then the van would be even wider and harder to drive. I may have to see if I can find one of those retractable clotheslines when we have a porch.



Ann said...

Are you coming to Dallas anytime soon? I would love to get a little kitten! I'm not so sure how the other animals would appreciate it, but I guess they would adapt!

JM said...

FYI -- I once looked for a retractable clothesline and was shocked how expensive they were. Then I found "indoor" retractable clotheslines at several places online and in-store at Target for just $10. I bought two. One was installed in my shower; one I put outside. Both broke pretty quickly. Learn from my mistake. Don't waste your time and money on those. Spend the extra cash and get a good one.

Grammy said...

Your grandma used to have a neat clothesline that grandpa installed. It was from the back porch to the corner of the yard (a big yard) and attached to the telephone pole way up high. It was operated by a pulley so she hung the clothes from the porch and then moved them by pulley til they reached the pole. When they were dry she took them off the line by pulling them in. That way they were high up so kids and dogs couldn't get them. I was thinking you could do that at your place from a platform to a pole. I miss hanging sheets and towels outside (our neighborhood won't allow it) and I remember how white diapers got.