Wednesday, May 07, 2008

TV Free Week Update

We made it. We went a whole week without watching TV.

Sam and Gloria had the hardest time with it. Gloria really missed her friends Alex and Leah from Signing Time videos. Sam missed it all. He REALLY loves the TV.

Today though when they asked to watch something I asked them to save their TV time until I was making dinner. They nodded and walked away. No fussing. They figured out something else to do instead. WooHoo! That was one of my goals.

It did help with obedience some, but not completely. We gave it a test. We went to Walmart yesterday. We'd been out all day and it was at the end of a long drive, but they'd slept. I needed to nurse Ezra so we stopped at a park and they played for a while BEFORE we went shopping. Their tummies were still full from a lunch at CiCi's with Grammy (Where they'd watched TV. But you really can't help but see it there!). They weren't tired. There were pretty much no excuses. But still, Joy and Sam--5 and 3 yr olds--were awful. Joy wasn't quite as bad as she usually is at Walmart, but Sam was worse than ever. I figure it's either become a habit for them to be loud and disobedient in Walmart or it was that teeny bit of TV at CiCi's. I'm leaning toward the habit thing.

But it's not just Walmart. Today we ran to Dollar General to get 2 things and Joy ran away from me in there. So we'll probably try no shopping for them for a while and see how that goes. If nothing else I won't have to leave the store all sweaty and frazzled from chasing those two around.

Anyway, my conclusion is that while it was good for us to cut back on TV, it was no magic cure for bad behavior. We're still going to stick with lower doses of that screen. My plan now is to continue working on the discipline issues. There will be more on that later.


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