Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Birthday Bubbles

The kids have a new grandmother. Grandma Katie sent Gloria a birthday present that everyone loved--a bubble machine! There were also clothes in the box which Gloria was impressed with (she was in the middle of trying them on when the bubbles got to going). What thrilled her the most was a package of new socks. She had to try on every pair last night. I thought she just loved shoes, but I guess socks go with that.



JM said...

What a great gift! Zoey loves those!

Ann said...

Who knew a little soap and air could be sooooooo much fun??!! What a great gift!!

Claire said...

It was fun.

Battle said...

Help Melissa confused over pentecost. The Bible says this Sunday, some websites have Sunday others Monday including Jewish calendar. I understand the day starting at sunset the previous day, but this just don't add up!
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