Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Garden Envy and Growing Up

It seems like everywhere I turn I'm hearing about gardens.

Just today, two of the blogs I read had beautiful pictures of their gardens and my neighbor brought over some of his abundance. I'm not complaining! I really appreciate it because I have no garden yet. And if I did, I'm not so sure anything but weeds would grow in it.

My children were telling me the other day that we really need a garden because food is getting so expensive. I told them to go for it. That lasted a few minutes, but it's hard work and the weather is very hot. If only they'd felt this way in the early spring. They ended up playing Capture the Flag or something instead.

I'm hopeful though. This is the first time that they've been interested long enough to actually go outside. Maybe next year when the house is further along and we try to start a garden, they'll help me a lot. We'll see.

Yesterday Sam asked me what I think I want to be when I grow up. Aside from laughing, my answer was, "Maybe a mom."

His reply was, "No, maybe you could be a grandma."

Wow. An almost 4 yr old doesn't think his 40 yr old mother is grown up yet? I don't know if I should be flattered or worried.



JM said...

That is adorable. Definitely be flattered!

Ann said...

Gardening is hard work...that's why I never plant one! Food is getting more expensive, and it's surprising that your kids would notice this and comment on it...Flattery sounds like the best option for Sam's comment to me! Have a good day!

Grammy said...

Sam is so absolutely adorable. I guess in his eyes I would be all grown up!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Sam thinking you were not grown-up. He is so sweet thinking you should have the most fun job in the whole world!