Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kitten Update

If you are a sensitive person, an animal lover, or whatever other type of person it would take to be upset when you hear an animal has died, stop reading right now. Just find something else to read for now.

Okay, if you are still reading, don't say I didn't warn you.

Several weeks ago I was talking to the friend from whom we got Red (the mother cat). She was telling me that she was surprised that Red had survived long enough to have her own kittens because every litter Red's mother has had since then, all the kittens have died by crawling up under car hoods, drivers unaware.

About a week ago I was on my way home from taking Gloria to the doctor and saw one of our kittens lying dead in the road. I was sure I had done it. Red, the mama cat, had been walking away from the van when I left and I was sure the kitten had been up under the hood and fell out as I left. It turned out it hadn't been the van, but the truck and Roger was very aware that it had happened.

Then today as we left for church we saw a kitten walking away from the van. I thought maybe, but probably not. But then Roger noticed a kitten in the road when he looked in the rear view mirror. It hadn't been there before we went by!

As we headed home I was hoping that the kitten would be gone so the kids wouldn't have to see it. (Ok, I realize we should have dealt with it when it happened, but we were on our way to church and the kids were all with us! They hadn't seen the kitten and we didn't really want them to find out right before church.) As we came around the corner I was relieved to see the road empty. Then, from the side of the road a big turkey vulture took off. I watched it fly away and saw our kitten in the bird's grasp. I couldn't help but laugh. This may not be a normal reaction, but it was funny to me.

Just this morning at church we'd sung one of my favorite hymns--one that I hope will be sung at my funeral some day. I'll Fly Away.

Mitchell commented on how storks bring us into the world and turkey vultures bring us out. What a great and mighty bird it must be.

And no, none of the little ones were upset. They all missed the great flight.



Ann said...

that is sooo sad, but I can understand why you would be laughing. and besides sometimes it is better to laugh than cry!

Audrey said...

...."turkey vultures take us out" ROTFL. That is to funny, kinda.

Glad the kids missed it all!