Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty Training Recipe

1 sugar loving little girl
1 carpet free house
1 grandmother who includes panties in the birthday gift
2 weeks stuck at home with a mysterious rash
3 bags of candy (Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops are the best!)

Mix together with potty chair and toilet paper in the living room (no one's coming over anyway when the kids look like they have measles). Throw in lots of patience, towels, and diapers at night.

Let simmer for 1-2 weeks.

Yield: a potty trained girl and a proud mother

Notes from the cook and a Disclaimer: This probably wouldn't work so well on all kids. I've found that with the 9 kids I've potty trained it hasn't worked the same way twice. One thing that definitely helps though is for MOM to be ready. Gloria seemed ready several months ago--back before Ezra was born--and I wasn't. And I have to say that the carpet free house has been a HUGE help!! It created a relatively stress free experience for both of us. (I was much less patient when she had an accident while standing on her pillow!) And there was something special about the panties being a gift from someone else I guess because we've tried the new panties trick many times before. It never worked until now. Staying home was also a tremendous help.



Ann said...

Staying home is a definite bonus!! That was my struggle with it with my little guy...we were NEVER home long enough to start anything! Hope it sticks!

any clues on the rash, yet?

Midwifemama said...

I'm so proud of Gloria! Yay! Give her a high five from me!