Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Summer!

Today is officially the first day of summer, but here in Texas we've been living with near 100 degree temperatures (That includes several days above 100) for quite some time now. And at our house, we're braving this heat without air conditioning most of the time. We do have a little portable unit we bought when everyone had high fevers from the mysterious rash, but we don't run it often because it doesn't seem to help enough.

Here are some of the ways you too can try to beat the heat:

10. Ice Maker--currently one of our favorite appliances

9. Spray bottles

8. Wet paper towel wrist bands

7. Lying down on the floor--cold concrete cools quite quickly

6. Cook outside--added bonus, when Roger does the grilling, Melissa gets a break. We also cook roast, bake potatoes, or whatever else we can in the roaster plugged in outside.

5. "Slow cones"--known as snow cones in most places, just not our house. We crush ice in the food processor and flavor it with a mixture of Invisible Kool-aid and sugar or thawed lemonade frozen concentrate. Orange Julius for lunch is good too!

4. Munching ice--you start with a cup of ice, stick your hand in to grab it, put the ice in your mouth, then splash the water on your hand all over who ever is near you. Well, that's Grace's way. She does this while enjoying another great summer pastime--getting lost in a book. The rest of us just munch on the ice.

3. Nap during the heat of the day, then play outside later when it's cool.

2. COLD showers/baths--No one would volunteer for this picture.

And the number one way to keep cool in the summer:
1. Shave your head bald



Audrey said...

What a fabulous ice maker! Just want you to know we are enduring right along with you. We have window units in a few rooms, but try not to use them at all. I went to rent a movie today and I FROZE in the building. I guess thats what happens when you are not used to AC.

Cool showers are my saving grace!

Closer to 40 everyday !!! said...

You have an ice maker !!!!!!!!
How cool. I want one.
I would love to see more pictures of the house. It looks like it is coming along great.

Also our garden may be pretty but is producing very little. It is a bit discouraging that we have put all this time and money into it. I am hoping it will pick up soon.