Friday, July 25, 2008

Why We Haven't Blogged In Awhile

We've been sort of busy. Well, we're always busy, but we've been busier than usual lately.

Our son, Stephen was home for a visit. That didn't really take up much of my time because honestly, how many 18 yr olds just want to hang out with Mom and Dad? Ours is exceptional in that he still likes us a little bit, or at least acts like it, but he also has his own agenda. What kept me from blogging was my sadness over the fact that he's going to Iraq and this was his last visit before he goes and I just had to keep trying not to think about it or I'd cry. Plus I couldn't help but realize that Mitchell's growing up and will be leaving in too short of a time. He graduates in mid-January and is looking forward to the rest of his life. I learned to cope by reminding myself that Mitchell is still here and Stephen isn't in Iraq yet. And when he left, he was only going back to Colorado, not to Iraq. One step at a time. It's much easier that way. Otherwise I could be worrying about Ezra's grandkids if I'm not careful!!

We've been busy buying new appliances and dealing with customer service and such. We had to get a new range. We bought a good one that had been highly rated. We had to order it because the store didn't carry that exact model. So, while we were waiting for it to arrive at the store, one of our two refrigerators died on us. When Roger was at the store picking up the range, he also got a new refrigerator. On his way home from Abilene, I noticed (still at home) that our other refrigerator wasn't working. We just got another new refrigerator this week as it required another trip to Abilene.

Meanwhile, the new range doesn't work right. I've spent LOTS of time of the phone with GE trying to explain that while the repairman they sent over says it's good enough to cook ramen noodles (all you need is hot water from the tap for that!), I can't make spaghetti or any other kind of pasta until I have a rolling boil. The dingbat repairman says a boil is a boil and that's the way they make the stove. Yeah, right. Just because a lot of people don't cook anymore doesn't mean they make appliances just to look pretty in your kitchen. So after lots of arguing with GE, they finally agreed to send a second repairman. They had to do something because I was demanding a new stove and they won't do that either.

Repair Man #2 likes to make candy. Hallelujah!! He tested my stove and said, "I could never make peanut brittle on this thing!" I shouted "Praise God!" and then had to explain my outburst. We're still waiting on parts though. I'm glad I didn't get any of the other major brands because THIS repairman says he won't even deal with them anymore. Not only are things not made to last anymore, they aren't even made to work in the first place.

But our appliance nightmares weren't over yet. I guess God was trying to warn me because there was one day last week that I kept thinking I was supposed to go get everything out of the freezer in the barn and bring it to the house where we have another freezer. But this couldn't be right because the freezer in the house is supposed to be frost free, but it keeps creating huge sheets of ice that lock everything in place in the freezer. I wanted to move everything out of that one and quit using it. So why would I put everything IN it from the other freezer? Fast forward a few days. Roger had been out in the barn and let me know that the freezer had died--probably several days ago--and we lost everything in it. A turkey, some briskets, a bunch of steaks and roasts. At least I'd moved the ground beef to the house. Why didn't I listen to God? Interestingly, I was working on a lesson for the youth at church about how God speaks to us and sometimes it doesn't make sense. I guess the lesson was more for me.

Another thing keeping us busy was the Celebration at the Cross. Mitchell, Faith and Grace are in a band along with a guy named Billy. The band is called Adopted and they played 6 original songs (meaning they wrote them themselves in case you didn't catch that) at this 3 day event on the 3rd night. We were very proud. The pictures aren't posted yet, but when they are, you can view them here.

Along with all this, we've been dealing with Sam's eyes. But I'll tell about that in it's own post.


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