Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Bottles

I've been blessed to be able to nurse all my babies. I've tried occasionally to pump and let someone give them a bottle when I couldn't be home, but they've all hated the bottle.

This summer, with temps in the 100s fairly regularly, I decided Ezra should get the option of having water. As thirsty as we all get, there's no way I could keep up with nursing just for thirst. I didn't know if Ezra would like having a bottle since none of his siblings ever did. But just to prove that we are all unique, Ezra loves his bottle.

Grace was holding him and standing at the bar with the bottle right in front of them. She couldn't see his face and had no idea how badly he wanted that bottle. I laughed for a little while, then went to get the camera and was still able to get the shot. He was quite focused on his desire. :-)


Jacqueline said...

That picture is adorable! Although I don't have any other children, I nursed my daughter until she gave it up at 18 months, and now she loves her bottle! Aren't kids funny like that?

carlie said...

That is the cutest picture ever!!!!Ezra is so photogenic and soo cute.He wint the cuteness award!!!!!!

Ann said...

That pictures cracks me up! That is definately a keeper!!