Friday, August 22, 2008

Bugs and Packing Peanuts

The only thing these two things really have in common is that I wanted to write about them both today and didn't want to do two separate posts. On the rare occasion that I've blogged twice in one day, I'll talk to someone later who missed the first one because they didn't scroll down after reading the second post which appears at the top. So you get a twofer today. (And why isn't the word "twofer" showing up as a spelling error? Is that a real word?)

Probably about 12 or so years ago I ordered some stuff and it came with really fun packing peanuts. If they get wet, they stick together. Ever since then, when we get something with packing peanuts I hope they are that same kind, but it's never happened again. Until yesterday. We got a package and I opened it and was more excited about the packing peanuts than what was in the package. (Well, it was just oats in the package anyway. Not real exciting.) The kids loved them, too. I knew they would. Claire was quite proud of her creations and took a picture:

And here's a picture of Clark with his creation. Later he found a couple of sunglass lenses in the bottom of the dress up stuff basket and added them. They were pretty cool. ;-)

Now on to bugs. Since we've moved out here, occasionally I'll see bugs that I've never seen before. Maybe they are common, but I've not noticed them before. There's one that's really alien looking (as if all other bugs aren't) but I've never taken a picture of it. It moves really fast. But this one didn't move all day. I don't know if it's dead or what. It's about 5/8" long. Anyone want to tell me what it is? I haven't tried looking it up yet.



Julie McCarty said...

It's a bug. What more do you need to know??

Karen of TX said...

A broadheaded bug?