Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Time Waster

My sister sent me a link to How Many Of Me. We had a lot of fun with it. We all have fairly common names. We were checking everyone in the family. We got to Ezra and found there are only 17 Ezra Nelsons in the US. But then someone pointed out his first name is actually Thomas. Boy did that make a difference! There are over 3000 Thomas Nelsons!!

We checked lots of other names, too. Thank God there is only 1 Barack Obama. It says there are 1,307 George Washingtons. Mitchell pointed out that means there are 2,614 cruel parents.

I've always known my mother is one of a kind and this confirmed it. She's better than 1 in a million. According to this webpage she's 1 in 304,838,315!! I love you, Mom.

Got some time to kill? Go check it out. Just be careful not to waste too much time there. I did. ;-)

Melissa, one of 704,177
or one of 1,141 in the US with the same last name


Ann said...

Ok, that was fun....I could sit and waste WAY too much time with that also. I have the same name as 211 people in the US! Scary, huh??

Closer to 40 everyday !!! said...

One kid was less than 11 people in the United States the other was 1758 with the same name. Can you guess which was which.
LOL ! That was fun.

Grammy said...

Ok, Miss, you made me cry. I love you too.

Kat said...

I have the same name as one other person in the U.S. and the funny thing is that she is my sister in law. What are the odds?