Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot is relative

When we first moved to Texas almost 14 years ago, it was November. We moved from Missouri where it was already getting pretty chilly. In Texas, it was only getting down to the 50's which seemed warm to me. We dressed in long sleeves, but skipped jackets. My children were all small then: almost 5, almost 3, and 5 mos. I didn't think they needed coats either and we would go out and do stuff without coats. I remember it didn't really occur to me that we should wear coats because it seemed warm to me. But boy did I get some dirty looks! I was amazed at all the people wearing coats, and apparently they were amazed that I would take my children out in that temp without a jacket.

Well, things have changed. This morning it got down in the 70's and my silly kids wanted their jackets! I had to clean jackets up off the floor today! In August!


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