Friday, August 08, 2008

I love Home Depot

Today I called Home Depot about my range. I explained that I'd try to call them a month ago and no one called back as I was promised. I'd then tried to go through GE and got no where. I explained the whole thing about needing new pans and not wanting to get new pans because I love my stainless steel.

Lucinda at the Abilene Home Depot is wonderful. She understood my problem. She has a smooth cooktop and stainless steel pans and said she has her water boil over all the time. And she would not be happy if she had to give up her pans either. She talked to the manager and explained my situation. They agreed to let me exchange my electric stove for a gas stove without paying the re-stocking fee. Hallelujah!

This means more work for Roger as he'll have to get propane to the house. He knows what to do though. And then we'll hire a plumber to help out, too. Or at least he'll check up on Roger's work. I think that's the plan anyway.

Roger's foot has been hurting him for the last month. Please pray that this work doesn't do more damage to it. We believe it is a stress fracture and needs time to heal. (City folks that move to the country have to learn things the hard way--like never use your foot as a tool when working on the tractor.) That healing time didn't start until we figured it out and he began to really let it rest. I had to threaten him that if he wouldn't stay off it, I'd pray that God would keep him off his feet. The last time I had to do this he was cleaning the yard with a temp of 101. I prayed. He woke up the next day with a sore foot and couldn't walk until 3 weeks later when he was all better.

Anyway, the gas stove is ordered and when it comes in we can return the electric one that requires certain pans. Hurray!!


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JM said...

Woohoo! That's great news!