Thursday, August 07, 2008

I might need new pans?!

The repairman came out after I called to see if he'd gotten the part for our stove yet. He replaced the control panel and still it's the same. We can get it up to 207*F when on High. That almost looks like a boil, but we put a handful of macaroni in it and the noodles just got mushy after about 1/2 an hour.

So he said he'd come back and talk to GE while he was here and see what they wanted him to do. Before he had a chance to come back though, he talked to GE about another issue for another customer and asked about my problem while he was on the phone. They told him I need new pans.

In the manual that came with the stove it said that stainless steel pans are recommended. I have stainless steel pans. But supposedly sometimes the pan absorbs the heat and it doesn't get to the stuff inside the pan.

Does this make sense to anyone? Not me!! If the pan is getting hot, shouldn't the stuff inside it also get hot?

Anyway, our repair man is going to bring over some of his pans and see if they work. If they do, it is then my responsibility to go buy new pans. Nevermind that I already have the kind they recommend. If his pans don't work, I don't know what we do next.

I also got to deal with an issue with our cell phones today. Our bill was about twice what it should be. Thankfully not all big companies are as difficult to deal with as GE. AT&T has been wonderful to me for 8 years now. Every time we've had a problem, they take care of it. They were even willing to credit some overage charges that they didn't need to credit! I was honest and said, no, we need to pay that. I'm just tellin' ya this so you don't think I'm just always complaining. Not all companies are awful, just GE so far. But I have a teensy bit of hope left that they will do the right thing and eventually I'll have a stove that works.

And thank you to Kim, my friend who brought me a crock pot cookbook. I'm learning to love my crock pot. Without it we might never get to eat around here!


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JM said...

This is getting stranger by the minute. Is it an electric stove? Maybe it has something to do with the electricity at your house since your 2 refrigerators & a freezer broke.