Friday, August 15, 2008

Spider Pics

I got out of bed late this morning, but I was ready to work. I knew I still had some spiders to clean up. As I headed toward the kitchen I heard Roger say something like, "Well, look at that!" and he was staring into a rather boring kitchen cabinet.

In the pic, do you see the spot toward the top on the left? Here's a close up of it.
I think it's either a male or an immature Western Black Widow. But then, I never was any good at identifying things in biology class. It's one of the larger specimens of what we've found inside the house.

My trusty vacuum (mine is also a Dyson, Mary) has been working hard. I make sure to suck up a little Diatomaceous Earth after cleaning it out. My reason for that is that I want to be sure the little buggers are dead in there before I empty it out again.

Anyway, yesterday I thought I was almost done with the main part of the house when I realized I hadn't done the dining room chairs. Then last night Ezra was playing on the floor in the living room when I realized I never did the train table. And sure enough, there were spiders in both of those places.

Thankfully they are not an aggressive type of spider. I read a bunch about them last night and found that most of what we've observed fits with what we were reading. They stay in their web. The web is very messy looking, one webpage compared it to cotton candy. I was pleased to read that the egg sacs start out round and white and then turn tan and oval as the spiders inside them grow. One spider may lay 5 sacs at a time. That all made me feel better because we were finding groupings of 5 round white sacs. They looked empty and I thought that meant we had lots of babies all over, too. But after reading that, I inspected them closer (with the help of my camera's zoom feature and the zoom on the computer--I'm not getting that close if I can help it!) and could see that there are indeed little things in there. So the fact that they are still round and white tells me it was fairly early in the gestation of them and I didn't miss my chance.

So we bought this poison. I noticed on the package it says it's effective against spiders except for brown recluse and black widow. And now I'm reading that the best way to get rid of them is to do exactly what I'm doing--only I should be wearing gloves. I'll finish this job one of these days. It's rather slow going because even in places where there are no spiders, I don't know that until I check them. Once I'm done with the vacuuming, I will probably still spray the insecticide just to keep away the black widows' dinner.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my beautiful pictures. Funny, this may be a scary spider, but it's not the scariest looking.


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Grace said...

This could be an American House Spider actually.