Friday, August 01, 2008

Still No Stove!

We bought a new range over a month ago. It didn't work right. We called GE and they sent a repair man who said it was good enough for him. I then spent a couple days on the phone arguing with GE about this. They sent a second repair man who agreed with me. A stove should get hot enough to cook on it. He ordered parts.

We're still waiting.

I need ideas for meals I can feed my family. I can cook on the stove, but nothing that requires a lot of heat. I can't boil noodles. Anything that requires a boil ends up mush. It's too hot to turn on the oven. I made beans in the crockpot yesterday and today I'm cooking some pork chops in the crockpot. We can do baked potatoes in the electric roaster. I can brown meat, but forget spaghetti or anything that requires noodles with it. I really like one dish meals because it serves onto plates a lot faster. We can't spend a lot and we don't use a lot of packaged items--usually if it comes in a box it's too processed for us and/or has ingredients we can't eat.

So give me some ideas? I'm kind of stuck mentally. I keep thinking of things like soup, spaghetti, pasta salad, and other pasta favorites. I can't even steam our veggies, just sort of slow cook them until they're mushy enough to call them done.

I'd love to just order out until it's fixed and then send GE the bill. Too bad they wouldn't pay it, huh? And then I could send them the doctor bill from all the unhealthiness that would result int he family from that. I wish I knew when this will end! It's hard enough to plan meals for a large family. Now I have to throw in the added complication of only low-medium heat on the stove!

I understand that things are built to last anymore. But a stove that isn't built to cook? It didn't work in the first place and they don't even care. Whatever happened to pride in your workmanship?



Anonymous said...


If your part doesn't arrive in a timely manner, call 203-373-3900. That's their corporate office national hotline number for problems. Here's hoping you don't need to use it.


JM said...

What in the world??? Enough is enough. Get tough, Mis. There is no reason it should take that long for a part. And if it does, they should give you a whole new stove. They don't have any urgency, but you do, so bug them until they share the burden with you! Have your kids take turns bugging them! In the meantime, try taco salad. And do what Mom said and report them to the BBB. This is ridiculous.
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