Thursday, August 14, 2008

War in our house

We can't help it. It's in our blood. Isn't that a valid excuse?

Throughout history there are stories of conquerors who take territory away from the innocent, killing to create a new home for themselves. It happened in Bible times. It happened all through Asia and Europe. It happened in Australia and Africa. It happened in the Americas. Maybe only Antarctica is safe. It's happening today in several parts of the world.

And it's happening right here in my house. We wanted a new place to live so we came here to this section of our pasture and built a house. The critters who lived here before us had to go. Some of them just quietly left and found a new place to live. Others resisted and the battle is continuing.

They keep trying to reclaim this space, but I am not giving up.

I've spent the week cleaning all those little nooks and crannies you never really think about. Being an unfinished house, we have lots of them. I normally would do this every 3-4 months, but that would have come during my post-partum healing phase. Then for some reason we didn't take as many school breaks as usual so I didn't really get a chance to do my big cleaning last time. The little spiders and bugs thought that they could move back in to this space. But I'm not giving up so easily. I called for reinforcements.

I had Roger pick up some insecticide. We haven't used insecticide since we fumigated the last house. It had sat vacant for 3 years or so and lots of critters had moved in. It's not that bad in this house--not nearly as bad as that house was/is.

We're not seeing a lot of bugs other than the flying kind (moths and such) when we turn the lights on and open the windows at night (we have screens, but they still get in when we open doors or whatever). We've had a couple of occasions where the ants get in, but we clean up whatever it was they found and they go away. It really hasn't seemed to be that big of a problem. But I wanted to clean up the dust that had accumulated. There were a few cobwebs, too. I went to vacuum them up and they wouldn't come off the table I was cleaning. It was just a small end table, so I flipped it over to get to the source of the cobwebs better.

Underneath this small table were several black widows. I vacuumed them up and moved on to the next piece of furniture. Almost all of our furniture was covered with spiderwebs and spiders and egg sacs underneath! I can't figure out how they were all surviving! We really don't have that many bugs for them to eat!

Thankfully they weren't feasting on us because I'm pretty sure most of these spiders were black widows. Many of them were too small to see what they were, but there were several large ones that were identifiable and the small ones had the same shape.

So the house is getting thoroughly cleaned and then I will spray it. I don't like to spray, but this is war and I will win. We will also continue our nightly prayer asking God to keep us safe from spiders, snakes, scorpions, ticks, ants, bees, wasps, . . .



Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

Here is a link with LOTS of great photos of black widows and their young. Hope for your sake that they're not, but if they are, I hope that you get them all. My dyson is my spider weapon. :) Mary

Mo said...

Please be careful! One of my favorite 2 yr olds (now 4) was misdiagnosed (sp), it was only the grace of God he survived!