Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yep, It's the Pans

Our appliance repair guy came by today with a couple of pots he'd just bought to test our stove. Mine were stainless steel which was recommended in the book that came with our stove. The stove is a GE Profile smooth top stove. It's not a cooktop, it's the whole range and it was highly rated everywhere we looked it up.

After trying all the pots, it seems that GE didn't know what to recommend. For example, they said heavyweight aluminum pans were recommended. But the lightweight aluminum pan that Elmer brought over worked and the heavyweight pan didn't. So his theory was that the shininess of my pots was reflecting the heat back down to the burners causing it to cycle off to avoid overheating.

It was seeming as if only aluminum would work. I won't use aluminum pans. And I will absolutely never spend money on nonstick stuff again. I love my pots and pans. I am feeling really frustrated that they won't work. They are good pans.

We have one small enamel pot that worked. I only have it for if someone wants a cup of tea. It's tiny. We never cook on tiny things.

The enamel pots I'm finding in a quick search on the net are nonstick. I don't want that. I have kids that cook and clean and those pots won't hold up to that. So I have to decide now if I go to pots I hate and pay money for them, or TRY to take the stove back and pay a restocking fee. We're talking almost $400 here!

What really gets me is that I KNEW the make of the pots and pans mattered. I saw that in all our research before buying. It said that stainless steel was recommended. I thought our pots would be okay and they aren't. They lied, but will I ever get anywhere with that fight? Doubtful.

To top it all off, we wanted gas, but didn't want to wait for Roger to be able to get gas hooked up at our house. I bet he'd have gotten that done by now and I'd have gotten to keep my good pots and pans. Too late now, but maybe someone can learn from our loss.

Oh, and several people commented either here or in person that maybe it is the electrical connection or something since we had refrigerator and freezer problems, too. That was the first thing checked. It was checked more than once. It's not the problem.



Kim said...

This is just weird - and frustrating. I have a smooth top range and I use my heavy stainless pots on it and it works fine. It's actually the second stove I've had. The first was a Frigidaire which I didn't like because of personal reasons -- now I have a Bosch and the stainless pots work just fine.

JM said...

I use heavy stainless on my smoothtop too. I agree with Kim -- this is just weird. I'd say go ahead and pay the restocking fee and get what you want. Otherwise you'll always regret the range you have. I also very much encourage you to fight to get the restocking fee refunded. Go to the BBB. You've got written proof that they recommend the pots you own! It might be a long battle, but I think you'll win. Otherwise I would tell you to walk away and not waste your time. I'm a firm believer in picking your battles, and this is one I would fight.

Kat said...

When we moved into our current house it had a GE profile smoothtop. We hated it! It was like the pots were smothering the heat. We had a gas hook up so eventually we bought a gas cook top and love it! I totally feel your pain! Get a stove you love, it will make your life easier.