Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something else to scream about

Plan on watching the VP debates this Thursday? Gwen Ifill from PBS is the moderator. Check out this link for her new book - The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. Note the release date - January 20th. Just watch to see how fair old Gwen is to the Governor of Alaska.

By the way, the Obama henchmen in Missouri are now backing away from their truth squad plans and saying they were misinterpreted. Load of ___ bunch of dingleberries.

10/2/8 - 9:13 a.m. UPDATE:

A partial list of Gwen Ifill's questions for the VP debate

gwen_ifill.jpgMayor Palin, Barack Obama is a handsome, charismatic demigod. How many boxes of Kleenex will you need after your crushing loss?

Senator Biden, what is your favorite color? And if you have time for a follow-up question: Why?

Mayor, you talk funny and you own a tanning bed. Why haven't you released Trig's birth certificate?

Senator, have you seen those pictures of Obama in his swim trunks? If not, I have them right here.

Mayor, what are the names, ages, and blood types of all 71 members of the Belgian Senate? And why are you unwilling to admit that your inability to instantly produce any and every fact I demand makes you unfit to stand in the way of history?

Senator, you've spoken at length. Could you please continue?

Mayor, which is your preferred method of stifling dissent, banning books or burning them? Since it's both, please explain how you can deny the accusation that you're a fascist, which I am making now.

Senator, could you please sign my book?

These are from Jim Treacher's blog.


Friday, September 26, 2008

A call to action

I haven't blogged in a long while as the farm, my job, my foot and other stuff and junk have gotten in the way. When we began blogging we had no real agenda and we still do not. However, I am deeply troubled by something and believe that I have to do whatever I can to tell whomever will listen. We did not start this blog to get into the political discussion of the day, but today we must. For tyranny to succeed all that has to happen is for decent people to sit by and do nothing. Do not do nothing!

Here are links, this one is to a St. Louis new station report about Obama truth squads of prosecutors and sheriffs that will be out there using their positions to threaten those who run ads counter to the Obama line. This link will take you the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce blog addressing the issue.

This link is to an NRA ad that Obama wants off the air and this link is to the letter they have sent out to that end.

It looks to me like the post-partisan, post-race candidate is the post-constitution candidate as well. DO SOMETHING! DO NOT LET THIS CANDIDATE OFF THE HOOK! The press is giving him a pass. His PR firm is making up its own grass-roots efforts, he is not a force of nature, only a Chicago hack politician - and we are seeing it now, in the thick of the battle.

Speak your mind or forever hold your peace.

Come and get me, Barry O.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great New Song

I just added a link to our sidebar. Our kids are in a band called Adopted. No, the kids are not adopted. They get the name from the idea that we are adopted by God. Well, here, the Bible says it better than I could:

Romans 8:15
For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father."

Anyway, Mitchell writes the music and plays guitar, Faith sings and plays guitar, and Grace plays bass and keyboard. Then there's a drummer named Billy who is not my child, but he's a good kid anyway. ;-)

They just today uploaded the second song they've recorded. It is Christian Rock. They have a bunch more they play, just not recorded yet. If you go to this link you can hear the two songs they've got recorded.

You can hear them play in the park this Saturday if you want to. There will be 3 bands, I believe, and they will be the second to play. The concert starts at 5pm at Coleman City Park on Saturday, September 27. It's FREE!! You can't beat that price!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Ezra is more than half

Time just flies by. I've been meaning to update everyone on our newest Nelson, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

He hit 6 mos while we were in Kansas. He's now 6 1/2 months old and growing in so many ways. He has 2 teeth. He's been crawling since 5 mos and started pulling up to stand holding on to furniture at 5 1/2 mos. If you recall, we have concrete floors. I'd thought I would have a braided rug done by now, but don't. We had to buy him some foam floor mats to protect him from falls. This stuff won't last long around here so I still need to get going on the rug. If Ezra would sleep at night I could work on it then, but that is such a big if . . .

He's really a happy baby. Well, Gloria says he's a big boy now (he weighs 19 lbs) and calls him her "little big brother." He went through a stage where he would scream at me when he was hungry, but we're past that thankfully. I'm not talking about crying. I mean a scream that sounded like it hurt his throat!

We'd wondered about his eye color. They are now brown eyes although he went through several beautiful shades of green on his way there.

One of my favorite things about Ezra is how his face completely lights up when he sees me. I caught it on film today. It was easy. All I had to do was say his name.

Without a doubt, Ezra has multiplied the love in our house. We all love him and he loves us, I think.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Homemade Chicken Soup--Step 1

We haven't raised any chickens in a while. Well, we have some chickens that we've had for a while that are still laying eggs for us. But I'm just so tired of store-bought chicken and want some "real chicken". It was time to order some new chicks. The kids aren't thrilled with the upcoming job of processing the chickens, but they love the soup! Nearly everyone's favorite meal around here is when I make chicken soup and homemade bread and butter. It's delicious!

So I thought maybe I would try to capture all the steps of making the soup from the very beginning. But we didn't hatch the eggs ourselves. We ordered from Ideal Poultry. They shipped day old chicks on Sept 10 so I guess that means they hatched on the 9th. They should be a week old tomorrow.

When they arrived, we weren't ready. We'd had a lot of rain and I didn't want to work outside in the mud. It usually takes 2 days for the chicks to arrive so I figured I could get everything ready before the chicks arrived. But they arrived in ONE day this time and had to wait in the box while I prepared a place for them. Our mail carrier called at 6:30 am to let us know they were in. I had to quickly clean out our brooder truck (an old pick up truck that we converted into a brooder) and get it ready for them. We'd ordered 25 buff orpington pullets (females) to be new layers. We also ordered 75 cornish rocks (straight run which means a mix of male and female) as meat birds. We've already lost 2 of each. That's just part of raising animals I guess.

Here are some pictures of some of them. Now before you go thinking we're cruel to kill such cute little chicks, wait until you see them later. They don't stay cute for long! And we're not going to kill some of them until they quit laying eggs a few years from now.

Notice in the last picture that one chick seems to be eyeing me suspiciously. Don't be fooled. They're too stupid to think anything other than, "Is this all the food you're giving us?" These little things are pigs in disguise. It's the first time we've ordered the cornish rocks and I'm amazed already at how much they eat!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm boiling noodles on my new gas stove!

Gotta go before they BOIL OVER!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Our Trip To Kansas

I feel like I should let Roger write this post, but it's been a while since he blogged I think. If he wants to, he'll add his thoughts later.

Kansas is beautiful. Growing up in Missouri we always thought Kansas was flat and boring. I like the flat just fine. I loved the green, too. I enjoyed seeing all the crops growing and cows grazing. Not a lot different than here, but that's because Texas is beautiful, too.

Roger and I both grew up with families that we love. I love his family and he loves mine. And now we are getting to know a new family together. We went to meet the family of his biological mom. And what a neat bunch of people they are!! We all felt so welcome and loved right away. I'm not sure how much I should share, how private this should be, so I'll just say that I had a really fun weekend and am really excited about a whole new bunch of people that I get to know and call family.

I want to share my reaction to my husband having a new mom in case anyone is interested. At first I felt a bit jealous that this brand new woman was in my husband's life and he was so interested in getting to know her. I'm not proud of that reaction, but that's what it was. Then I got to know her. I just can't get over what a wonderful person she is. I guess I could have expected that. I mean, she carried this baby inside of her for 9 months. She had to have loved him. And then she did the most selfless thing I could imagine. She let someone else raise him. She didn't even get to meet him first. She gave the gift of life to a couple who was unable to have another child. Abortion wasn't legal then, but to hear the pro-choice people tell it, it happened all the time anyway. I have no idea if she considered it or not, but it didn't happen obviously. So my husband received life. He got to grow up and be the wonderful man he is today because of the gift his birth mother gave to him and his adopted family. It was a gift to me, too. And my children. And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for doing what must have been an incredibly hard thing. Thank you, Katie. (And of course, thank you to Leland and Margaret for raising him. Knowing Roger, I would guess that he kept you on your toes.)

Happy Birthday, Roger!


PS I was going to post a picture Faith took of the hills in Kansas, but for some reason blogger isn't letting me do anything but type right now.