Monday, September 22, 2008

Ezra is more than half

Time just flies by. I've been meaning to update everyone on our newest Nelson, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

He hit 6 mos while we were in Kansas. He's now 6 1/2 months old and growing in so many ways. He has 2 teeth. He's been crawling since 5 mos and started pulling up to stand holding on to furniture at 5 1/2 mos. If you recall, we have concrete floors. I'd thought I would have a braided rug done by now, but don't. We had to buy him some foam floor mats to protect him from falls. This stuff won't last long around here so I still need to get going on the rug. If Ezra would sleep at night I could work on it then, but that is such a big if . . .

He's really a happy baby. Well, Gloria says he's a big boy now (he weighs 19 lbs) and calls him her "little big brother." He went through a stage where he would scream at me when he was hungry, but we're past that thankfully. I'm not talking about crying. I mean a scream that sounded like it hurt his throat!

We'd wondered about his eye color. They are now brown eyes although he went through several beautiful shades of green on his way there.

One of my favorite things about Ezra is how his face completely lights up when he sees me. I caught it on film today. It was easy. All I had to do was say his name.

Without a doubt, Ezra has multiplied the love in our house. We all love him and he loves us, I think.



Kat said...

What a cutie! Love the brown eyes!

susie said...

He's adorable, Melissa! :)