Monday, September 15, 2008

Homemade Chicken Soup--Step 1

We haven't raised any chickens in a while. Well, we have some chickens that we've had for a while that are still laying eggs for us. But I'm just so tired of store-bought chicken and want some "real chicken". It was time to order some new chicks. The kids aren't thrilled with the upcoming job of processing the chickens, but they love the soup! Nearly everyone's favorite meal around here is when I make chicken soup and homemade bread and butter. It's delicious!

So I thought maybe I would try to capture all the steps of making the soup from the very beginning. But we didn't hatch the eggs ourselves. We ordered from Ideal Poultry. They shipped day old chicks on Sept 10 so I guess that means they hatched on the 9th. They should be a week old tomorrow.

When they arrived, we weren't ready. We'd had a lot of rain and I didn't want to work outside in the mud. It usually takes 2 days for the chicks to arrive so I figured I could get everything ready before the chicks arrived. But they arrived in ONE day this time and had to wait in the box while I prepared a place for them. Our mail carrier called at 6:30 am to let us know they were in. I had to quickly clean out our brooder truck (an old pick up truck that we converted into a brooder) and get it ready for them. We'd ordered 25 buff orpington pullets (females) to be new layers. We also ordered 75 cornish rocks (straight run which means a mix of male and female) as meat birds. We've already lost 2 of each. That's just part of raising animals I guess.

Here are some pictures of some of them. Now before you go thinking we're cruel to kill such cute little chicks, wait until you see them later. They don't stay cute for long! And we're not going to kill some of them until they quit laying eggs a few years from now.

Notice in the last picture that one chick seems to be eyeing me suspiciously. Don't be fooled. They're too stupid to think anything other than, "Is this all the food you're giving us?" These little things are pigs in disguise. It's the first time we've ordered the cornish rocks and I'm amazed already at how much they eat!!



Midwifemama said...

Good to see you going on the chickens again. I agree with the children that processing is no fun, but eating is!

Audrey said...

We have two of those little cutties in a box on my kitchen counter right now. We are trying our hand at hatching them ourselves. So far so good.

Anonymous said...

he knows what ya'll are planning to do with him! he's watching you

Country Lady said...

I saw your comments about honoring the Sabbath on the MOMYs list and I would love to know if you can share the scripture that helped you. My family has been debating this Sunday versus Sabbath thing and I don't have the Bible knowledge (I'm ashamed to say) to turn to any verse other than honor the Sabbath.

By the way I love your chicks. They are so cute!

Amanda in RI said...


I thought the same thing when I saw that chick looking straight at you--I'd keep an eye on that one! LOL

Glad you have a working stove now--just in time for chicken soup. :)