Monday, September 08, 2008

Our Trip To Kansas

I feel like I should let Roger write this post, but it's been a while since he blogged I think. If he wants to, he'll add his thoughts later.

Kansas is beautiful. Growing up in Missouri we always thought Kansas was flat and boring. I like the flat just fine. I loved the green, too. I enjoyed seeing all the crops growing and cows grazing. Not a lot different than here, but that's because Texas is beautiful, too.

Roger and I both grew up with families that we love. I love his family and he loves mine. And now we are getting to know a new family together. We went to meet the family of his biological mom. And what a neat bunch of people they are!! We all felt so welcome and loved right away. I'm not sure how much I should share, how private this should be, so I'll just say that I had a really fun weekend and am really excited about a whole new bunch of people that I get to know and call family.

I want to share my reaction to my husband having a new mom in case anyone is interested. At first I felt a bit jealous that this brand new woman was in my husband's life and he was so interested in getting to know her. I'm not proud of that reaction, but that's what it was. Then I got to know her. I just can't get over what a wonderful person she is. I guess I could have expected that. I mean, she carried this baby inside of her for 9 months. She had to have loved him. And then she did the most selfless thing I could imagine. She let someone else raise him. She didn't even get to meet him first. She gave the gift of life to a couple who was unable to have another child. Abortion wasn't legal then, but to hear the pro-choice people tell it, it happened all the time anyway. I have no idea if she considered it or not, but it didn't happen obviously. So my husband received life. He got to grow up and be the wonderful man he is today because of the gift his birth mother gave to him and his adopted family. It was a gift to me, too. And my children. And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for doing what must have been an incredibly hard thing. Thank you, Katie. (And of course, thank you to Leland and Margaret for raising him. Knowing Roger, I would guess that he kept you on your toes.)

Happy Birthday, Roger!


PS I was going to post a picture Faith took of the hills in Kansas, but for some reason blogger isn't letting me do anything but type right now.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa,I want to thank you about Margaret and I, and especially qbout Margaret as I know that you were frustrated at times after her Alzheimer,s was evident and she would want to help and would cut the tomatoes the wrong way. etc. I would allso say again that during that time period Faith was amazing as sshe would sit with Margaret while the other kids were playing and let Margaret hug her. I know that at first we had some difference of opinion on some things but as time has passed by I have realized what a great and beautiful mother you are. Thanks for you comments, I started this as a thank you to Grand Mother Kate for allowing us to bring up Roger and I hope that we helped somewhat in mking him the great Dad that I think he is today. I am sure that I was too tough on him and I probably was. But he and Ronda are my pride and Joy, especially now that I am living alone. But I know that he has good new relatives because some of them are KU graduates. Roger knew that I would say that. Well you can not go six years through graduate school and be named one of the outstanding alumni in the MPA program without some kindred feeling. Again thanks. Dad